Goodnight Seahawks. Sure Hasselbeck has been doing well while Alexander struggles with LG Steve Hutchinson, but I don't see that lasting for long. Hasselbeck can't lead them for 13 more weeks to a winning record, or even a playoff record.
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He is going to only be out 2 games max. I think the Seahawks will be ok.
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Alexander hopes to play this week
MIKE SANDO; The News Tribune

Published: September 27th, 2006 09:59 AM

[/align] KIRKLAND -- Seattle Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander hopes to play Sunday, after all.

The NFL's reigning most valuable player is crediting the power of prayer for possibly healing the cracked bone in his left foot. The foot stopped hurting Tuesday and Alexander began alerting friends and family that he hoped to play against the Chicago Bears.

Alexander's brother, Durran, confirmed the news this morning and said his famous brother plans to undergo additional tests today.

Coach Mike Holmgren previously said Alexander might miss a few weeks. The team's all-time leading rusher would have to receive medical clearance from the team to play. Stories about faith healings are rare but not without precedent in professional sports. Former Green Bay defensive end Reggie White credited prayer for healing his injured hamstring, allowing him to play for the Packers in 1995.

Holmgren was with the Packers when White played only days after doctors had ruled him out.

Holmgren is expected to address Alexander's situation at his press conference later today.
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