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Miami could be in a bit of trouble here. Shaq has been having knee problems quite a bit lately & his recovery time might not be as quick as expected either. I think it's going to be a pretty contested race in the East this year for playoff spots and this injury could cause him to miss maybe up to 25 games just looking at their schedule here. I guess we won't get to see Kobe/Shaq 5 for Christmas this year [&o]
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I see this as a good thing. Hear me out....

The last two to three years, Shaq has been bashed for getting lazy, slow, and tired late in the season and in the playoffs, just like last season, but now with him taking a rest, maybe it'll be a good thing. They won't go on 8 game winning streaks without him, and they certainly won't be the same team as they are with him but a) they do have Alonzo who stepped up BIG time last season when Shaq went down and b) they'll still get to at least 45 wins, giving them a playoff spot, and with Shaq healthy, more prepared, and with more energy, you might see a different Shaq in the playoffs. One we haven't seen in the last few years.
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