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I agree with you [link=http://www.wissports.net/playground/showProfile.asp?memid=5676]MBC2K4[/link] Hoveland is a difference maker.. I notice when you have certian players on the field they can make a big difference in the play of others... they can acually elevate thier play... I see it in a few players each year... I saw the Somerset game tape... wow... you guys played very well..

I just don't get how somebody could say a 200 pound RB in the Middle Border with his ability and speed is not a difference maker, especially when it's coming from somebody from his own school. He was the team's returning leading rusher from last season by a landslide, not Radle. I think you can see the difference his presense makes when Durand struggles against teams like Barron and Mondovi with him out and then slaughters NR and BW and gives Somerset all they can handle with him back.
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Um , Ya I think they are fine.... They seem fine... I will ask them again today. But ya pretty sure they are just fine.. why? Should I have played them more agianst SOmerest.. is that what you are getting at? ALso I know what you are implying about our quaterback... To his defense... I would not be so quick to judge him.. YOu have no Idea what he has been thru or what he his about.. If he seemed like he had a chip on his shoulder.. last game (especially after the game) it is because he did... He remembers what the fans yelled at him during baseball season.. and the 63 points that SOmerset poured on last year when we had 10 kids sitting out.... so ya I guess he was a little emotional after the game... His behavior has been addressed... Small and poor, we get it! so maybe you could drop it...??
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Its kind of funny how Ellsworth is the only one being blamed for bad sportsmanship? As i recall somerset was doing a lot of talking during the game as well and didnt handle the loss very well by saying some nasty things while shaking hands? I am not saying what anything anyone on Ellsworth did was right or wrong but they came along way from the slaughter of last year and after all the talk they put up with all summer from more than just somerset( even though they started it) saying to just wait till football.

Basically it ment more to the Ellsworth football team to win than anyone outside of the team will ever know and maybe their emotions got the best of them but they had been holding it in for about 4 months or so.

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Hey Hubber, what's baseball season have to do with football season? and as far as pouring it on last year between you guys and Somerset, Somerset had mostly seconds in from midway through the third quarter. Are they suppose to tell the seconds HEY don't score.
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What is so funny about it...He missed time the game before with a hand injury... came back and threw for like 276 yards or something like that... I don't care who you are?? Okay?? whatever that means.
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That game is over, so lets all just move on.

Fair enough ?

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So how about them Twins,,,[]
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