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I have the WIAA Yearbook from the next year with the exact attendance figures. It wasn't 5k, but was over 4k. Can't remember the exact number. Capacity may be 5k, but there also was a sizable media area carved out, and without assigned seating people weren't crammed in quite as tightly as the capacity might say. I believe I remember them saying a couple times over the PA to move to the middle of rows to open as much space as possible.
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traviswilson wrote:
Mick, did you go to the boys game or girls game at the Kolf? Because I was at the boys game and it was packed, standing room only.

We're talking about the double-overtime win by the Appleton East Boys over Germantown, right?

In my earlier post, I stated the game was played in 2012. That's incorrect. Those Super-Tuesday games were played in 2011

Maybe my memory is jaded. I don't recall the place being full at all. In fact, my impression then and now was along the lines of : "This is what happens when a game of this magnitude is played on a weeknight in a city different than those of the 2 participating teams."

The only disclaimer I can offer is I recall arriving early because I had been in Oshkosh earlier in the day, meeting with the new owners of a hotel there and didn't feel like driving back to Appleton and then driving back to Oshkosh again. Plus I was concerned about parking & getting a good seat (I prefer high, near mid-court, on the opposite side of the benches, so I can watch the coaches, the substitutions, etc)). Perhaps because I got there so early, the image has stayed with me of the place not being anywhere near full. I certainly don't recall an SRO attendance. But maybe I lost sight of how the place eventually filled up, because I was focused on the warm-up activities or perhaps the crowd was late-arriving ... ?
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traviswilson wrote:
Here's my wrap-up from that night:

Appleton East 54 ? Germantown 52 (OT), Travis Wilson

Turning Point: In an exciting game that went to overtime and wasn't decided until the overtime buzzer, it was a match-up full of turning points. However, a crazy sequence on a missed free throw with 3.8 seconds left changed the possession from Germantown, who was up one at the time, to Appleton East. Trent Schmidt missed his second throw, which was possessed briefly by Germantown?s Malcolm Bowers before going to the ground and losing the ball. Both teams wanted a foul on the play, but the underneath official ruled it out of bounds to East. The trail official however awarded a timeout to Germantown. After several minutes of discussion, the call was reversed and the ball given to East on the initial out of bounds call. East would miss its initial shot but Caleb Zeegers scored on a putback at the buzzer for a 54-52 victory.

Game Ball: Caleb Zeegers. East?s Sam Mader rained from behind the three-point line all night, but Caleb Zeegers hit five three-pointers of his own and topped it off with the game winning putback. He stayed with the play and did not assume the clock was going to run out, playing through the horn. His effort and focus in that moment and throughout the game earn him the Game Ball in this one.

Notes: Mader knocked down five three-pointers on the night on his way to a game-high 23 points? As a team, Appleton East made 12 three-point shots in 26 attempts? Josh Mongan nailed a three-pointer with just over 10 seconds left to tie the game and force overtime? East led by as many as 14 points in the first half and took a 12-point lead to the break... Zeegers, Mader, and Eric Schultz played all 36 minutes of the game for East? Germantown out-scored East 12-6 in the fourth quarter and 28 to 16 in the second half? Capacity at the Kolf Center is 5,000 and it was a standing room only crowd?

I don't doubt that your post-game account & recollections are accurate, Travis. As I alluded to, my lasting memory or impression may very well be jaded because of my early arrival, the possibility that the Kolf was slow to fill up and my failure to realize, in the end, just how full the place eventually became due to my pre-occupation with the warm-ups, reading my program , etc. It was a heckuva game. If I recall, correctly, Appleton East came in undefeated and Germantown was either undefeated also, or had one loss. East was so balanced that season with all 5 starters averaging approx between 10-13 ppg and Germantown's Luke Fischer was so young (he was a sophomore). I recall the bizarre stimulation to one's visual senses, observing East point guard Johnny Coenen who was about 5'6" on a good day, standing next to Germantown's Luke Fisher who was closing in on 7 feet at the time. Without a doubt one of the most intense high school basketball games I have ever witnessed in person.
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What really killed Super Tuesday was that it became a complete mess for the girls the next week (when we should have been in spring). Both of the northern Wisconsin Super Tuesday games were delayed due to snow and they had to move the games to high school gyms. IIRC, the one in Oshkosh was played Wednesday night at North and Point game was played Thursday night at SPASH.

It ended up where the both Eau Claire North and Appleton East had to bring their stuff for the weekend to SPASH and then the winner went straight to Madison for the game the next night. In other words a very sub-standard state experience for the winner (Eau Claire North). Didn't get the welcome/send-off back after sectionals, had to go back-to-back with some travel involved, school had less than 24 hours to sell tickets/fan buses/print t-shirts etc...

It's possible Super Monday might have worked over time, Tuesday was too close given Wisconsin late winter weather
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While I agree the weather played a large part into the problem I think another factor played deeply into the choice to get rid of the Tuesday games as well.... ATTENDANCE! Of course I don't have actual numbers compared to years prior played on Saturday vs the Tuesday totals but I think they were lower due to fans not being able to attend due to a work weekday! Many people could not bare to take the Tuesday off to travel, get back late then try to make it to work on Wednesday, and then turn around and take Thursday and Friday off for the State games. In most cases people would have had to take Tuesday through Friday off of work. It was just too much for the "Basketball Fan" and team supporters to take that much time away from work and home.
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That is why I am not sure why we can't keep the "Super Tuesday" idea of 4 locations throughout the State hosting a super-sectional final (large high school gyms not colleges) - but just hold it on Saturday. The sectional semi-finals are played Thursday night anyway.

But then - rotate the half sectionals year-to-year so that the half-sectionals don't always play the SAME other half-sectional.

In Division 1 - you would have a year with the current matchups of sectional winners, but then the the next year ....
The Marshfield/Hudson sectional winner could face the BayPort/DePere/GreenBay winner the next year.
The Neenah/Appleton/Oshkosh sectional winner could face Germantown/Homestead/Arrowhead sectional winner.
The Madison/Sun Prairie sectional winner could face the Racines, Milw. Hamilton, Oak Creek, Franklin sectional winner.
The Mukwonago/Kenosha/Beloit/Janesville winner could face the Brook Central/Milwaukee sectional winner.

Then you could just keep going back and forth alternating years with which sectional plays the other - or you could continue the rotation to a 3rd or 4th version by rotating them again to new half-sectionals. Either way - it mixes it up and spreads the matchups out around the different half sectionals.

This could also be done in the other divisions I am pretty sure.
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