South Shore(4-1, 3-0) Butternut(1-2, 1-2) - 64 -48

South Shore sealed the deal from the free throw line in the fourth quarter. Leid controled the boards and South Shore got out and ran like always. Tyykila and Peterson both hit two 3's

Leading Scorers
SS - Lied 23, Peterson 18, Tyykila 8
B - Bortz 14, Z Furtak 11, Brennan 8

Washburn(2-0, 2-0) Drummond(1-3, 1-2) - 55-37

Washburns Balanced scoring, size and athleticism was to much from drummond. Baggerly is starting to shine through and the go to guy for Washburn if you ask me. Nordling has been playing pretty good too.

Leading Scorers
W - Baggerly 12, Nordling 10, Cook 10, Meierotto 8, Olson 8
D - Traaholt 8, Janes 7

Mellen(2-1, 2-0) Bayfield(1-3, 0-3) - 83-34

Walker and Pearson dominated downlow again scoring 28 and 18. Bayfield really doesn't have much and probably will go
0-18. Mellen also had 10 players score on the night.

Leading Scorers
M - Walker 28, S Pearson 18, Coons 11, Marincel 10
B - Burg 10, J Gokee 9, Gordon 7

Mercer(2-0, 2-0) Glidden(1-3, 0-3) - 71-40

No one on glidden can stop roeder which allowed everyone else on mercer to get open looks. four Mercer players scored in Double Figures. My bet is glidden just might win two games, and that over bayfield, seeing that they only play 5 players and i doubt any are in good shape.

Leading Scorers
M - Roeder 21, Arnold 17, Ludolph 11, Ervin 11
G - Harrison 12, Robinson 11, Maier 8

Hurley(2-1, 2-1) Solon Springs(0-2, 0-2) - 62-49

This game was closer that i thought it would be. Swartz scored a game high 21 points hitting two 3's and Leinon hitting three 3's. Solon was not led by Glibert but by Hynes. Gilbert was the 3rd highest scorer on solon.

Leading Scorers
H - Swartz 21, Thewis 15, Leinon 14
SS - Hynes 16, Deming 15, Gilbert 12

Recaps -
So far all the teams that should be winning are winning. I see a few odd names in the leading scorers for a few teams, but with alot of teams graduating their best players someone needs to step up.

Leading Scores on the Night
Walker 28(MELLEN), Lied 23(SOUTH SHORE), Swartz 21(HURLEY), Roeder 21(MERCER), S Pearson 18(MELLEN)
Peterson 18(SOUTH SHORE) Arnold 17(MERCER)
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South Shore better get its act together. In all the games that South Shore have played i have heard "south shore didn't play well but got the win" "South Shore was cold and wasn't playing intense but got the win" I mean maybe that is true and for South Shores sake lets hope it is, because when they run into teams that capitalize on other teams mistakes they are going to be in a world of hurt. They have the talent to do something special, maybe they are adjusting to the new coach.
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