Player of the Year: John Piske (Bangor)
First Team:
QB Corbretti Forsythe (New Lisbon)
RB John Piske (Bangor)
RB Brett Jump (Necedah)
RB Anthony Edgren (New Lisbon)
RB Stewart Thompson (Wonewoc-Center)
WR Moises Cobox (Brookwood)
WR Zach Nelson (Brookwood)
WR Chad Wyss (New Lisbon)
OL Brad Craig (Bangor)
OL Ethan Rueckheim (Bangor)
OL Rance Nofsinger (Brookwood)
OL Ethan Kraus (Necedah)
OL Curtis Spanciol (New Lisbon)

K Landon Wilson (New Lisbon)
K Ryan Brown (Necedah)

DL Brad Craig (Bangor)
DL Eric Cairns (Hillsboro)
DL Curtis Spanciol (New Lisbon)
DL Ethan Sullivan (Wonewoc-Center)
DE Drew Cross (Necedah)
DE Chad Wyss (New Lisbon)
LB Steve Peters (Bangor)
LB Rance Nofsinger (Brookwood)
LB Jeremy Stanek (Hillsboro)
LB Ethan Kraus (Necedah)
DB Ethan Anderson (Bangor)
DB Brett Jump (Necedah)
DB Cobretti Forsythe (New Lisbon)

P Brad Minett (Wonewoc-Center)

Second Team
QB Jake Sussek (Wonewoc-Center)
RB Steve Peters (Bangor)
RB Austin Vlasak (Brookwood)
RB Ethan Sebranek (Hillsboro)
RB Cory Kalmerton (New Lisbon)
WR Gabe Ness (Royall)
WR Jake Murphy (Royall)
OL Andy Linhart (Bangor)
OL Joe Christians (Bangor)
OL Bobby Anderson (Hillsboro)
OL Drew Cross (Necedah)
OL Ben Murphy (New Lisbon)

DL Joe Christians (Bangor)
DL Cody Miller (Brookwood)
DL Dylan Stainbrook (Necedah)
DE Kyle Kelly (Brookwood)
DE Jacob Fernholz (Cashton)
LB John Piske (Bangor)
LB Cody Dahl (Cashton)
LB Cody Rizner (New Lisbon)
LB Stewart Thompson (Wonewoc-Center)
DB Moises Cobox (Brookwood)
DB James Griffin (Hillsboro)
DB Brian Miller (Royall)
DB Brock Hedler (Wonewoc-Center)

Sportsmanship Award: Dillan Klinkner
I will not apologize for being awesome.
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Already posted this about 2 weeks ago in the 'scores' thread, but more people might seen it with its own thread.

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Yeah, I just did it like this to get it its own link in the All-Conference teams list on the High School Football page here.

I do believe I saw one of Bangor's linemen on the All State Honorable Mentions list, by the way, Craig I think?
I will not apologize for being awesome.
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I haven't seen the list but I would be almost certain it would be Craig as he was easily the teams best linemen.

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