can one of the the people on wishoops please give me a link to some highlights of him.

I have really wanted to see this kid play but i never get a chance.

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It's not often that a 6'8", 240-pounder can steal the ball, handle it in the open court and throw down a reverse two-handed slam.

Wagner can, amongst other things...with ease. - Follow me. Because we all need a bit of sports snark in our lives.

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ORIGINAL: mizuno6

First off Greek44, you can still see him play he is only a junior, but i played witht he kid this year and i have to say he is a hell of a player. He does get all his points downlow, but thats because he doesnt have to step out and shoot he can get 20 points a night downlow, last year he shot from the outside and he was a worse player. He has good post moves, he has a nice baby hook in the lane and he uses the ball fake good and hell go up and throw it down, the people on here may have seen him play once but i played with him for 2 years and hes for real, he was the GMC Player of the Year, he led the conference in Points, Rebounds, and Blocks, and idk where u get foul trouble from, he didnt foul out of a game all year and he played the most minutes on the team. The best part is that he has room to get better which is scary cuz he is already a force. and sayin he doenst have a jumper is wrong, he can shoot the 15 footer, but thats about the farthest hell go, but who needs that often when u can post up downlow and get the ball and throw it down over a guy, or go up off a missed layup and put it back with ease, lets not bad mouth this kid, like i said hes the GMC POY, hes in the top 10 in best college prospects, and he can only get better. Im also gonna add that, when we played Racine Park, i mean they have seen some good dunks with the talent that they see in Park, Horlick, and Case, but when Wagner threw down a one handed dunk when he was underneath the hoop, Parks fans loved it, they respected that dunk and they knew that Wagner could do some special things that not everyone can

Your a good team mate Miz6!

Wagner is a damn nice player.
I'd have that kid on my team any day.

Those 2 posts up there, Little Erik calls them "Haters!!" []

How many putbacks a game did you guys get??

Between you??
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Rick's a real good player i play for Greenfield and i had to play him int he post hes a real good player. He definetely earned my respect that game. He also for being a good player is not cocky at all. So he definetely has my respect
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if we didint have a game against brook east i would have went to see him play park but i got real curious after some friends were talking about his dunks against park. too bad his team is done. course so is ours[:-]
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You are in for a treat when you see this kid play. He looks like one heck of a TE, which he is, but this kid is also one heck of a basketball player. At 6'7" 2something, he is able to go downlow with the big guys and also play out on the perimeter with a sweet jumper
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