Reds vs Royals Spring Training game called in 6th Inning, as Reds LHP Aroldis Chapman carted off field after being struck in face by Salvador Perez liner.

No details on severity at this time...
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Fractured eye socket and laceration above left eye. And everyone said it was one of the most horrible things they have seen (coming from players) in a game. He'll be out for a while. Brandon McCarthy cautioned people to wait til they get scans back before jumping to any conclusions.
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Scary stuff.

I am going to wear a mask when I pitch this year. The uncomfortableness will have to take care of itself, because I'm not dealing with a ball to the face.
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I feel this is my fault. I tend to curse guys I pick in the upper rounds of fantasy baseball.

My top 3 picks last year were Kemp, Bautista, Cain.

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Hope he'll be ok. Once in a lifetime kind of arm and you'd hate to see this affect his career.

I had JUST drafted Chapman about 20 minutes before this happened last night. We were talking about it in the chat.
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Interesting article regarding this whole thing.
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