I looked at an old list I had a few years ago and found it funny how just three years can change.  So here's my list, by position, of best players in the league.

1-Steph Curry
2-Chris Paul
3-Damian Lillard
4-Russell Westbrook
5-Kyrie Irving
6-Jrue Holiday
7-Ben Simmons
8-Kemba Walker
9-Kyle Lowry
10-John Wall
Next on the list-Mike Conley, Goran Dragic, D'Angelo Russell, Jamal Murray

1-James Harden
2-Victor Oladipo
3-Donovan Mitchell
4-Jimmy Butler
5-Demar DeRozan
6-Klay Thompson
7-Bradley Beal
8-Devin Booker
9-Khris Middleton
10-CJ McCollum
Next on the list-Jaylen Brown, Gary Harris, Lou Williams, JJ Redick, Zach LaVine

1-Lebron James
2-Kevin Durant
3-Kawhi Leonard
4-Paul George
5-Gordon Hayward
6-Jayson Tatum
7-Brandon Ingram
8-Otto Porter
9-Harrison Barnes
10-Andrew Wiggins
Next on the list-Jabari Parker, Evan Fournier, Carmelo Anthony, Taurean Prince, Rondae Hollis Jefferson

1-Giannis Anteotokounmpo
2-Kristaps Porzingis
3-Draymond Green
4-Lamarcus Aldridge
5-Kevin Love
6-Blake Griffin
7-Paul Millsap
8-Lauri Markkanen
9-Tobias Harris
10-Dario Saric
Next on the list-Damantas Sabonis, Julius Randle, Aaron Gordon

1-Anthony Davis
2-Joel Embiid
3-Nikola Jokic
4-Andre Drummond
5-Al Horford
6-Karl Anthony Towns
7-Rudy Gobert
8-Steven Adams
9-Demarcus Cousins
10-Clint Capela
Next on the list-Marc Gasol, Hassan Whiteside, Jonas Valanciunas, Myles Turner, Nikola Vucevic

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