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Ketel One_old
I'm really tired of the Randolph bashing that happens on these boards.

They have an excellent program and happen to have tall genes in the community. But that doesn't mean that they don't work very very hard to have the record they have.

The players, the coaches and the program do not deserve to be bashed like some of you continue to do. It isn't like they were given their place in Wisconsin high school basketball history....they earned it.

Please keep that in mind.

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Having never seen Gilman play bball I was impressed with how Coach Rosemeyer did not overcoach them, I just wish more coaches would do this.

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Just how old are these kids? Boys or girls?
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Very impressive performance by both Gilman and Randolph. I thought that Doro's three would go in for sure. Too bad Gilman panicked during OT which allowed Randolph to walk away with the win.
Always remember the 25th of December(for more then 1 reason)

Winona St. Softball! 34-11
Winona St. Baseball! 32-14
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So why did this pastor move there? just for a new job or what?
Hello!!! You Play To Win The Game!!
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Good job on recruiting. It is really nice to see we will continue to be a basketball power. I might have to go to church there to see how tall he really is.
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