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It's not an ethics question it's a coaching decision. Many things have to be decided instantly but a few are:

1. Do you think they have a guy that can hit a 3 and that you don't have guys that can prevent him from getting the ball?

2. Do you think you have players smart enough NOT to foul while the player is shooting. Hate to give up 4 and lose.

3 AND MOST IMPORTANTLY. Do you think they have a better chance of hitting a 3 OR a better chance to make the 1st free throw, miss the 2nd on purpose, get the rebound and put it back in to force a tie.

Bottomline, #3 makes it look like a fouling in that situation is the way to go.

Some great points, I'd never thought this is an ethics issue, but it sure appears it could be after reading the responses. To me, I think most coaches avoid fouling in that situation because of the chance of giving up the 4 pt. play, not because they think it is unethical. They coach the kid to just play tough defense and make them beat you. I am ok with that mentality, don't know about the rest of you.

Great thread!
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But that works under the assumption playing to your full potential cannot be synonymous with playing various strategies. If that is really what your book said, it has a major flaw in its argument, or you just missed putting the necessary additions to make the argument flow...

Well, the way it was explained to my class is that a player playing to their full potential would, well, actually play. He or she would try their hardest to defend the three instead of putting the other player on the line. Plus, one of the object's of the game is to not let the other team score right? But like I said, this is just what we talked about in class. Personally, I would foul the kid but that's just me.
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