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I fancy myself as a man of strong American values, and nothing is more American than a "game" where you can make a million dollars by "surviving" for a month in a place people already live.

This is hard! I don't have my cellphone!

Obviously Legends of the Hidden Temple! It was all about the Blue Barracudas!
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Coach40 wrote:

For me this question is very simple....The Amazing Race
I teach Social Studies and love learning about cultures. I would love the opportunity to try and win 1,000,000 dollars while learning new and exciting cultural traits. Each year I watch the AR just to pick up things I can teach my kids. How awesome would it be to go to Bhutan and participate in a Tsechu (ceremony) or perform some ceremonial dance in Moldova like the Miroita? This would be a wonderful experience especially if i were able to do this with someone I love to be around.

We've got a winner. As someone with History and Education degrees, I guess I'm just a softie for incorporating actual learning and knowledge into a reality show instead of simply lying, cheating, fighting, and stabbing each other in the back.

I was very tempted to give the nod to Rodey and his sudden truthfullness[afro][headbang][smooch][mullet][ninja][]
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and again, i got shafted.

Go Cubs Go.  

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