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This is easy for me. I would have loved to been at the Duke vs UNLV final four basketball game in 1991. The previous year Duke got waxed by 30 in the title game by UNLV. Many thought the UNLV team of 1991 might have been the greatest college basketball team ever and entered the final four undefeated. However, on this night Duke stunned the giant 79-77.
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The first time Tiger Woods won the Masters.

A legend before he was a legend, the infamous hug with his father... I get chills just thinking about what he was then and how he has developed into one of the greatest athletes of all time.
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The very first Milwaukee Mustangs football game whether it was home or away. By the way that was the old AFL team we had from 1994-2001. Now this year we have the Milwaukee Iron in the af2.
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mustangtrackstar wrote:

Appalacian St. over Michigan. Not so much during the game but afterwards. That place had to be going insane. It had to be an amazing sight on the App. St. side. The emotions that must have come up. Not to mention it was looked at by every under dog for the rest of the year as a sign of true hope that anything was possible.

So glad I had the Big Ten Network and was able to see that game.
Always remember the 25th of December(for more then 1 reason)

Winona St. Softball! 34-11
Winona St. Baseball! 32-14
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1986 World Series
Mets vs. Red Sox

Bill Buckner lets the ball trickle between his legs as the Mets score the winning run!
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Wizzler wrote:

pistolpetefan23 wrote:

Congratulations WisSports posters, you have magically been given the ability to attend in person, any sporting event in history. So....

What one specific sporting event would you attend, and why?

The Ice Bowl, There was 500,000 people there I wish I was one of them.

Winner. Although I think you were a little low on your estimate of how people were there[]. Some very good answers again, nice job everyone. Special mention to hickory_cornhusker.
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The Duke-UNC double OT game at Cameron in 1995 where Capel hit that shot just inside half court to send the game into double OT.
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The Duke/Virginia game where Dockery hit the game winning half court buzzer beater.
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