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Guns n' Roses - Appetite For Destruction

There isn't a single "bad" song on that CD, and it has one of the greatest guitar riffs in history on it with Sweet Child of Mine. Greatest Rock album ever made IMO.
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Hmm this is tough.

Im going to go with...

Back In Black-AC/DC.

Lots of solid songs and i could listen to it non-stop and still sing along because really who doesnt sing in the car haha.[8D]
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T_Unit14 wrote:

MemorialBBall wrote:

I'm going with that 50 Cent Album The Massarce. That CD just put out the most singles and some of 50 Cent's Best Work.

not a bad choice...

I'm having a hard time choosing between Eric Church's new "Carolina" or Dierks Bentley "Greatest Hits: Every Mile A Memory"
alright I decided on Dierks...but only because it has all of his top hits...and there's not a single bad song on the CD...Eric Church may be one of the best new singers though...and Carolina is an amazing CD

Enrique Iglesias??? [8D]
I would probably listen to 50 Cents Get Rich or Die Trying. He basically rips Ja Rule into pieces and makes me feel a lot BA about myself then I actually am.
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I'm home. And I DID make this voyage and I listened to the Lillywhite Sessions by DMB pretty much the whole way there and back.
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Quinnster10 wrote:

Space Jam soundtrack.

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Albino Rhino_old
Pink Floyd's "Animals", because even a dog needs shelter from pigs on the wing [8D]
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Dr. Dre

Dre 2001

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road kill wrote:


I answered the way I wanted to.
(either would do nicely, that's what "OR" means, had I said "AND" I could understand your confusion)

Are you gonna punish me?

BTW---These are not CD's, they are 8 tracks!![]

8 Tracks!!! Now that is awesome! Prob not many on here have actually SEEN one I'm guessin. [:-]
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OutKast - Stankonia

Good mixture of songs and really solid front-to-back. Also skits that aren't too long and don't get annoying.

Now gimme some WisCash!

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Space Jam soundtrack.
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kenny chesney greatest hits because his music is solid


fearless taylor swift, because shes gorgeous
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Hot Rocks by the Rolling Stones

Best band ever, and is their best stuff (64-71)

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Playa4Life wrote:

The first CD One Tree Hill produced because it has a variety of upbeat and mellow songs, because if there is any night driving I don't like things screaming in my ears at night and after 10 hours you need something to get you excited, which is where the upbeat songs come in.

Winner, as one of the few people that took the time to explain their choice, rather than just simply listing their favorite CD (which wasn't necessarily what the question was asking).
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Such a stickler.
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