What is everyone's problem with Ted Thompson. People comparing him to Matt Millen, getting upset cuz he's not on a spending spree. What do you want? lol

Ted Thompson had arguably one of the best drafts of 2006. He signed Charles Woodson, he took a team from 4-12 to 8-8. He's gotten players re-signed. This off-season he lost a 31 year old running back who'll be making a minimum of over 5 million this year and an injury prone TE. He signed Frank Walker to hopefully take over the nickel spot.

There simply isnt a dominant player in free agency this year, and players are going for much more than they deserve. It's a smart move by him to lay off in free agency. He's known for building the Seahawks into the contender that they were/are. How did they build? They built through the draft, just as he's doing here.

Would you rather he spent foolishly and we have a solid team this year but then have serious cap issues 2-3 years down the road and have to completely remodel the entire team? And what is with this comparison to Matt Millen. Millen is known for making dumb moves, not being conservative. Millen is the guy that drafted 3 receivers in the first round, 3 years in a row. Traded their best CB for a RB that would split time with Kevin Jones, then signed TJ Duckett, and happen to have Brian Calhoun on the bench. I don't see any parallels between the two.

For those that are criticizing what he's done, id like you to offer a better solution to rebuild for this year, and for the future as well so that the team isn't screwed in 2-3 years.
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I agree pretty much completely. There were a couple of good free agents that would have fit into the "scheme", but he's working on the deal that I wanted in the beginning.... Moss.

Favre likes to chuck the ball deep. Moss is good at bringing down jump balls. Sounds like a homerun to me. As far as his character issues. Koren Robinson has some too, but he still made that deal.
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TT is a good GM. He does the job well

He's very good at MANAGING the team, millen is horrible
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Well put completly agree
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Not only did he re-sign Jenkins, but the also redid Al Harris's deal. Two starters taken care of so far. Barnett is real the only pending guy who they need to take care of.
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The good thing is we havent lost a lot this year. Ahman Green was the biggest loss but 1059 yards and 5 tds shouldnt be that hard to replace since the line should be improved and having Moss will help too because of the longball threat.
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everyone is just pissed that we didnt sign every single free agent this year..to tell the truth the free agents that were available we really didnt need we have people at that posistion..the only player i would liketo see the packers work a deal for is Moss and TT is doin it...he shoulda picked up barry sanders when he had the chance though
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