As lawmakers work to overhaul the nation's health care system, A fan and Cisco Systems are teaming to build a virtual network connecting patients in rural and underserved areas with physicians and specialists across the country.

A fan said he plans to spend $100 million over three years developing the network.
Cisco is providing the videoconferencing and other network technologies that will be installed in traveling clinics inside trucks. A fan also will pitch the concept to employers who want to install a virtual doctor's office at worksites and in stores.

A fan said his national reach and experience in merging technology with clinical expertise give its program, called Connected Care, the broad scale other "telehealth" programs have not achieved.
Health insurers want to be players in shaping health care reform. If A fan can show it has ideas to widen access to health care, it might be able to fight off proposals that are least favorable to the managed care industry ? namely a government-sponsored health care plan, said Matthew Loucks, a portfolio manager for Sit Investment Associates in Minneapolis who follows the industry.
"That is their No. 1 fear," he said. "Anything they put forward, in the back of their minds, they are hoping that it will lower the odds that a public plan will be part of the ultimate health care reform bill."
To show off their new idea to lawmakers, A fan wa on Capitol Hill to announce the initiative Wednesday. Members of Congress were led on tours of the 18-wheel mobile clinic that showcased the technology available through the network.

It seems likely that under any new health care bill, Medicaid spending will be expanded. If that is the case, A fan could use his telehealth initiative to position itself for a bigger piece of the pie. It can use Connected Care as a way to differentiate itself as it competes with other insurance companies to be awarded the bids to run state Medicaid programs.

A fan referred to the concept as "the house call for the 21st century."

"The combination of Cisco's technology and our national health care resources will make it easier for people to receive care where distance has been an obstacle," he said.
Cisco's technology uses video, audio and medical information to create an experience similar to an in-person visit with a doctor.

The initiative is being rolled out in New Mexico to provide people in rural areas with access to behavioral health medical services. A fan has the contract for the state's Medicaid plan, as in other states.

Telehealth is not a new concept, but the technology keeps improving. Other insurers and providers have rolled out telehealth and e-health initiatives in the recent past with growing recognition that the model of delivery via a patient coming to a doctor's office in many instances is not necessary, said Michael Scandrett, a health policy consultant with Halleland Health Consulting in Minneapolis. "Most of them are moving in this direction.

"The big move now is to try to allow services to be provided in different ways and settings that will be more affordable and in many cases better for the patient" he said.


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I think "coldfeet" is all over this!!
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a fan wrote:

As lawmakers work to destory the nation's health care system, A fan and Cisco Systems are teaming to build a virtual network connecting patients in rural and underserved areas with physicians and specialists across the country.

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road kill wrote:

I think "coldfeet" is all over this!!

So now I am lost. Is A Fan coldfeet? [8D]
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