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With the half way point upon us, the conference shapes up like this...

Fennimore - With the game they put up last week, it makes it hard for me to believe any team can touch them. Maybe IG gives them an okay game this week, but talent wise no other team compares.

Southwestern - The fact that they gave Fennimore a better game than Cuba puts them at the 2. With one loss in conference, and already of had a chance at Fennimore they look as if they are the solid 2 or 3 right now. Was the game vs. Darlington a sign of Darlington getting better, or SW leveling out? I think Darlington getting better, but this week they play an undefeated (conference play) Mineral Point, we will be able to tell better what last week meant.

Cuba City - Quite Frankly I expected them to put up a better game than they did last week. It appears to me that if Cuba's passing game is taken away they are a much different team. Will teams start doing that against them? Is it possible to take it away without a great secondary like Fennimore? I don't know. I do know they play Darlington this week who's secondary is below average.

Mineral Point - Surprise, surprise, the Pointers rolled against Riverdale last week. This now puts them one win away from the playoffs with 4 games to play. Sounds simple enough, besides the fact that the 3 wins came against the 3 worst teams in the conference. Now it's time for Mineral Point to show they are up to caliber as they face the upper half of the conference from here on out.

Iowa Grant - No surprise here. The Panthers have done little to nothing to prove they should be ranked any higher than 5 so far this year. I realize they have faced two of the top 3 teams in the conference, but they were supposed to win both of those. The Panthers still have a chance to prove they are what they were made out to be with four wins to end the year. That will be easier said than done.

Darlington - The Redbirds face an uphill battle to make the playoffs from here. With a nice effort vs. SW last week it proves to me The Birds aren't giving up yet, however, dropping that game last week hurt significantly. If they would of pulled it off I would say 50/50 for the playoffs. Now I say, time to panic.

Boscobel - Thought they might put up a few more points than they did vs. IG. Apparently, the spread was a one week wonder. They will beat Riverdale this week. But that might be about it for wins the rest of the year. Proud of the effort though.

Riverdale - Im sorry Riverdale it's not your year. The only question I have bad is Royal? On a serious note though,.....nevermind, I really don't have anything serious to say about Riverdale.
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