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Fennimore - No change here. After a solid win against Southwestern, this is still their spot to lose. They will be tested yet again this week, and I think a victory could be a HUGE step to taking the conference title. I know it's early, but that will be knocking off two of the main contenders in the last two weeks.

Cuba City - With the undefeated record in conference play this spot is theirs for now. They need to beat Fennimore obviously to move to the 1 spot, and the matchup against SW could weigh heavily on this 2 spot. With the Meckstroth to Timmerman connection starting to heat up teams need to start recognizing this duo.

Southwestern - They drop to the three for now after a tough loss to Fennimore. This Southwestern team has definately looked solid all year, and has played arguably the toughest schedule so far out of the SWAL. I am starting to hear the Marten for MVP chants.

Mineral Point - How can you rank the Pointers any lower than the 4? After an offensive shootout leaving the Pointers 2-0, they have done nothing yet but win games. Their schedule sets up nicely playing Riverdale this week, then the final 4 games will test them. Greg Burke put up a very solid week with 4 tds I believe most rushing, and even catching the ball.

Iowa Grant - The Panthers have been very disappointing to start off conference play. They drop to the 5, and with a chance to still finish the season in good shape, they really need to step it up. I think the two losses in the last two weeks somewhat puts them out of the conference championship picture for now.

Darlington - The Redbirds come back and beat a bad Riverdale team. I'm not ready to jump on the bandwagon yet. They need a solid performance against SW to make me a believer.

Boscobel - The bulldogs pulled out the new spread offense last week, and quite frankly it was pretty damn impressive. Their defense is nothing to write home about, and it will be interesting to see how they do when teams get a chance to prepare for the new offense. It pulls them out of the 8 spot for this week at least.

Riverdale - Conference play has really exposed the team Riverdale is. It's going to be a rebuilding year in Muscoda.
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The two most disappointing teams in the SWAL are Darlington and Iowa-Grant! The games I've seen them play, they have played very uninspired--almost as if they don't want it.
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