I'm not one to usually bitch about power rankings, because I'd prefer my team to be more underrated than overrated, but this weeks particularly intrigue me.

Here's ESPN's power rankings-

The Packers are at 16 with a 4-4 record behind the Colts at 15, who they just beat into the ground, behind the Ravens at 14 who are 5-3 with wins over Oakland, Cleveland twice, Cincinnati and Miami...whoopty-doo. I also have qualms about them behind so far behind the Jets, Patriots and Bears (who are 7 spots ahead of them). I just don't understand why in all power rankings, all they do is basically go in order of record. If you're going to do true power standings, you have to look at winning streaks, teams played, toughness of schedule, injuries, all that stuff.
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FWIW -- Yesterday on one of the Madison radio sports talk shows Chris Mortenson was on and said he has the Packers in his Top 5 even after the Tennessee game. I've had a lot of problems with Mort regarding his coddling of Favre, but it's still interesting.
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Thinking that the Packers are a top 5 team right now is as bad as thinking they should be out of the top 15. They are somewhere in the 8-14 range.
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I wasn't a fan of them this week either, particularly because the Packers went down 5 spots for pushing the best team in the NFL to the wire while the Bears went up 3 for barely beating the worst team in the NFL and losing their QB for a month.
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