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Alright, although conference play has yet to start this is how I see the teams ranking up so far...

1. Fennimore - The way they finished the year last year, and the way they have looked so far I think it gives everyone reason to believe that the Golden Eagles are the team to beat as of right now. Hertrampf seems to have picked up the slack after losing Swan, and Rosemeyer is a monster on both offense and defense. A couple solid threats a receiver with Holthaus and Chapman leave the Eagles the team to beat.

2. Iowa Grant - IG has looked like Fennimore's main challenger thus far. Spurley has looked like a contender for offensive MVP, with some solid targets to throw to in Dennison and Richard. Edge gives them a force on Defense in the middle, and before getting hurt last year Sarbacker looked very solid at linebacker as well. I can't wait till these 1 and 2 teams meet up whenever that may be.

3. Southwestern - This may look a little high for some people, but quite frankly Blake Martin has impressed the hell out of me so far and it lookes like they have some other weapons with Bartsch and Hilby. Vogt provides them with a big man up front and I think the Wildcats are going to be one of the more surprising teams this year.

4. Cuba City - The Cubans had all but sealed up a 2-0 start before their second half meltdown to Brodhead last week. Timmerman seems to be the go to guy, and Meckstroth hasn't gotten off to the start I thought he would. They have a young backfield, although they are very talented. Maybe some of their youth is the reason for the 2nd half woes last week. I see Meckstroth picking up his game in the upcoming weeks and the Cubans making a strong run at the Top third of the conference.

5. Darlington - Ok maybe a little unfair to rank the struggling Redbirds in front of an undefeated Riverdale team, but with the players I see the Chieftans with this year, they have to prove a little more to me than a couple of non-conference victories against some questionable teams. Back the the Redbirds though, and with the tradition and size they hold, along with a talented skilled player in Weigal, I find it hard to believe they will continue to struggle this bad in conference play. Lets not forget who the Birds have lost to so far, some of the tops teams in the area.

6. Riverdale - Even though I really don't see them being this high at the end of the season it would be hard to rank them below this with the undefeated start. In all honesty I don't think I really recognize anyone on the team from last years squad especially since Grimm is out for the year. With all these new faces they have nothing to lose and if they keep improving maybe they will turn some heads this year. They did throw 7 times last game which might be a record at Riverdale.

7. Mineral Point - Ok Ok, you ask how can you rank the Pointers above the Bulldogs with the way they have played so far this year. Easy, the same reason they were supposevly worse the Boscobel last year after they went defeated the first 3 games and the Bulldogs got their first win in 20 years early only to march in the Boscobel and pick up their lone win of the season. The Pointers have definately been a negative surprise this year as they brought back a lot of players, and haven't looked near the part yet. Something I have noticed is where is the QB Mitchell? A good quarterback from a year ago is no longer the starter it appears they went with the junior Engelke and I don't see any special results there. Time for a change in MP.

8. Boscobel - The bulldogs pound arguably the worst team in Wisconsin 61-0. I don't see this as a reason to move them from the bottom after finishing down there last year in conference play. They have a lot to do in order to gain my respect as well as many others, I'm sure. With a solid showing this week, and some loses from some teams here and there, maybe the Bulldogs could jump up...but I doubt it.
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I think you'll have a lot better feeling after week 1 of Conference play has finished. You'll get to see how good or how bad teams really are. The first 2 games really haven't shown how good each team is or isn't. For example, Darlington is 0-2 but has played two good teams. The game (re-aired last night) was a little closer than the final score, I thought. We get to find out how good SW is this year because we already know IG is going to be good. We get to see if Boscobel has turned the corner and if CC's 2nd half collapse is a sign of things to come. We also get to find out how good Fennimore and Riverdale are (both undefeated). I think Week 1 of Conference play tells you about everything you need to know.
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