Since the state tournament is done, which possible matchups that you'd like to see occur next season?

Such as:

Monroe at Seymour
Barneveld at Wonewoc-Center
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Pius v King

I know its a sectional matchup, but man alive will that be a good game
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Waupun Vs. Seymour
Waupun Vs. Randolph
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Roncalli vs. Brillion

W/ roncalli moving to the Olympian Conference, we WILL see it twice.
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King v.s Pius.....King v.s. Madison Memorial......Vincent v.s Pius
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barneveld vs randolph
barneveld vs suring

because that would mean barneveld would be @ state[:-]

but also....

barneveld vs eleva-strum....the matchup is long overdue

outside of barneveld.....

randolph vs cuba city
seymour vs monroe
craig vs memorial....this one will happen twice and both games should be really good
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Randolph vs St. Cats
Aquinas vs Seymour
Roncalli vs King

Oshkosh vs Pius
Vincent vs Memorial
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