Has anyone else seen these TOTALLY TRUCKS commercials being advertised on tv?

It's a 3 DVD set with something like Dirt Monsters, Fire Monsters and Garbage Monsters...

I know they are like an informercial or trying to sell something and I've only seen them late at nights (12 - 2 A.M.) but I just saw one on ESPN...

Here's my question...WHO ARE THEY FOR? I sure as hell hope they aren't marketing these towards grown men...and if they are...and a grown man buys these...I'd reevaluate that person's state of seems like the most unmanly thing to buy once you see the commercial...

Please tell me someone else has seen this
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ive seen them before during that day too. i think they're trying to market them to adults who have children.

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They are by Lolo productions.

Which is funny because their website is It looks like

idk, it's funny to me. lawl.
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Yeah, that's a LOLlercoaster...or is it a LOLcano? - Follow me. Because we all need a bit of sports snark in our lives.

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