With most teams already punched into the playoff picture, who do you think is the biggest surprise of 2008 (by division)?
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WHITNALL - From 2002 to 2007 they've had 4 conference wins. This year they have 5 and made the show. Good luck to them in the playoffs and my condolences on the recent loss of Justin Meyer.


Hopefully - football can help rally this community during this difficult time.
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Instead of specific teams how about how to look for a sleeper.

I like to look at the conferences and who they competed against. If you have a strong conference, generally speaking teams do well in the playoffs. For smaller schools this can be an advantage once in the playoffs. Menominee in BRC did this for years, playing Div 1 schools then going into the playoffs as Div 2. Looking at a team that makes the playoffs in D6 when most of their conf. is D 4&5 makes them a better team. I also like to see who they played in NC. Did they have a cream-puff scheduled (I know things change year to year), or was it a test. In many sports teams go undefeated but they have never been challenged. Give me a team that wins/loses games to good programs and is battle tested. This includes coaching. It's easy to coach a game when you have a 30 pt lead. What you do when its tied and 6 minutes on the clock is what is more important. Can you fire under pressure?

Stratford is an example of this, (They were really not tested until the later part of their season), the group of games were way to easy for them to start. I still like them in D6, I really think the loss to Edgar is really what they needed to get their heads back into it.
Can't wait for the rematch (and their will be a rematch).

Many of the teams in the Lakeland S & S play like teams. Have they really been tested. Cloverwood teams only play Cloverwood teams no NC, so what are they like? Noone knows outside the conf. What is the conf. record of NC games??

Another thing is who is playing the best ball right now.
The 2007 McDonell team was an example 0-4 start, 5-4 finish. Knocked off a very good Glenwood City, & Clear Lake team before falling in a shoot-out to OW. Peaking at the right time is very important.

Injuries can be a big problem, especially with the smaller schools.

Just some random thoughts.

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whs wrote:

Webster (7-1) playoffs for first time in 20 plus years. we are playing tomorrow for the first conference championship since 1972. before this year we had not won a conference game since the 2002 season. as many wins this year as the last 7 years.

[headbang] I couldn't find a little guy clapping. Nice season Webster and congrats. Good luck against St Croix.
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