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Playoff Challenge FFL;


"So what is big is not always the Trout nor the Deer but the chance, the being there. And what is full is not necessarily the creel nor the freezer, but the memory." ~ Aldo Leopold
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Final Results (Looks like a few people quit/forgot about it)

Rank         Entry         Points
1         iwishiwasaballer         567
2         yzerman1's picks         518
3         coachmoiii's picks         515
4         1roadkill's picks         501
4         jakerotruck's picks         501
5         sirsaint007's picks         415
6         glavichjw's picks         298
7         erikbullock's picks         279
8         gopackbrewers's picks         157
9         monroed20's picks         79
10         galaxydiener's picks         68
11         TruBeliever's picks         55

Thanks to the Seattle Defense in the Superbowl for helping me out.
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Honestly, for the Playoffs I prefer culumative scoring with 8-10 teams.

Draft your players, and the points just accumulate all playoffs long. You get rewarded for players whose teams play in multiple games as well as those who just dominate in the games they play. Brings in a lot of luck, but also skill in when to draft who that is very different from the norm.
The Brewers will finish 90-72 and earn the #1 WC berth.

Carlos Gomez will have a 30/40 season (HR/SB) and win a 2nd Gold Glove en route to an All Star selection.
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I totally forgot about this.
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