[link=http://www.break.com/index/eagles-fans-rain-snowballs-on-niners-fans.html]= ?[/link]

Not only are people from all over chipping in, but even a dude 1 row in front of them is getting in on the action.
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Wow that's terrible. I feel pretty bad for those Niners fans. Eagles fans are a-holes.
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thats sad and IMO I hope the fan got his money back or a type of refund...whatta joke...how is it possible that one section or the united states lacks so many brain cells...research should be done
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I've seen less snowballs thrown in a snowball fight...
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What a bunch of douche bags. Never under estimate the mob mentality.
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Wow, that's pathetic...
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Brutal. I could see if the 49'ers were winning or winning big, but it wasn't even a close game...maybe for 2 possesions.

If you get pissed and punch someone you're going to be the guy who went nuts after getting snow thrown at you. On the other hand, how humiliating is it to just sit there and take it? If you leave on your own, they win.

I think Philly strives for that kind of rep though. They don't care if you like or respect them. And thus show no class.

Also, it was snow, so its not outrageous, but still pretty bad. They had fun, and now the 49'ers fans have a story for life.

Now that I think about it, I probably would have started throwing snowballs back at them.
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How embarrassing is this for Eagles security staff? They couldn't stop this?

I would think Eagles ownership would get skewered by the media if this story gets legs.
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stay classy Philadelphia...
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