The Padres and White Sox have agreed in principle to a trade that would send Jake Peavy to the Sox for Pitchers Clayton Richard and Aaron Poreda. That's what is being reported, but I'd bet there may be another player going to San Diego.
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Probably having doubts now, due to the Sox currently down 20-0 to the Twins.

Scratch that, now 20-1. [rotfl]

Update... Just listened to 670 the Score, and I guess Peavy doesn't want to go to the White Sox. Sounds like he's turning it down.

And here's the blog from the Score's website:

And just like that the dream for the White Sox is dead.
A source close to the Jake Peavy camp has said that the pitcher has notified the San Diego Padres that he will not accept the trade to the South Side, killing the deal that would have sent four players West and put Peavy in black and white.
There is no indication of the Padres have notified the Sox yet, but his team knows.

The Peavy talk has been a whirlwind since early this morning, when the San Diego Union-Times broke the story that the veteran was called into the office of manager Bud Black and asked if he would push his no-trade clause to the side and play for the Sox.[/font]


The pitcher spoke to Sox reliever Scott Linebrink about the Sox and manager Ozzie Guillen, gathering as much information as he could.
According to the source, Linebrink did a good selling job, and it seemed Peavy was leaning toward accepting the trade, but after an evening of thinking about it, as well as talking with his family, he was not ready to leave San Diego for an American League team.

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at least its not to the cubs!
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don't get me wrong...I figure that these two pitchers MUST be studs...but if they just traded 2 players for peavy for another what 3 years? that really angrys up the blood for me...I'm sure we had 2 prospects or at least one everyday player and a high prospect we could have given them for peavy...but then again maybe he didn't want to come here...either way that seems like a steal for the Sox
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There has to be more to the deal than just those two, Richards seems to always get lit up by the Twins whenever they face him, I'm surprised the Padres didn't ask for some one like John Danks but all in all I still hate those dirty dirty sox from the south side.
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Not so fast my friends. The deal is for four pitchers. However, Peavy has a full no-trade clause and is not sure if he will accept a trade to Chicago, expressing a desire to stay in the NL.

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aerosmith wrote:

He still has a chance to be a Cub yet!!! []

Peavy's better off staying with either San Diego or going to the Mets.
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