I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about the smoking ban in wisconsin. I'm sure its been talked about on here but I am writing a paper and have a lot of good ideas. I'm taking a stance against it (but i don't really care either way). Also if you do have ideas could you let me know if you are a smoker or not?
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I would personally like a smoking ban so I don't have to enhale all the smoke (especially at my bowling league, nothing like inhaling it from every angle).

But at the same point, and from a business aspect, smokers are a huge part of their profit when it comes to bars especially. Smokers would less be likely go go out to eat possibly, not go to bars as much, even for the bowling alley that would be a huge loss as well.

I see both aspects for being for a ban and for not wanting one...I think it comes down to health and profit.
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Legal? Yes.

Good policy? Debatable. There are good points to both sides, but in the end I prefer a smaller government and will generally prefer whichever side tends to achieve that goal.

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I'm in favor it. I actually love going out to the bars in the twin cities, even if you smoke the patios are nice outdoors during the summer.
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I am all for the smoking ban. I have asthma and going out and inhaling smoke is terrible. I have to get fresh air a couple times an hour. I love going out to eat say in the Madison bars where the ban already exists. I don't have to worry about inhaling smoke or smelling like it when I leave. But hey, this is just my opinion that would benefit me based on my circumstances so take it for what its worth.
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The smoking ban makes sense to me. As long as you're going to have people manning bars, I don't think it should be a stipulation of any job that you get a huge chance of getting cancer.

Whenever a mine exposes people to asbestos, the mine gets sued. Why is it any better that a bar should expose its workers to secondhand smoke? Its not really just defending people from themselves in discouraging smoking, its defending people from others.

I don't really know all sides of the debate, but that's always been my first impression of it.
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I am against it.

I don't like the fact that the government is telling people they cannot do something on private property that is legal
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I'm mildly against it. Like others have said, I prefer the market to decide if there really is a demand for non-smoking establishments, instead of a bunch of folks in the statehouse legislating for the whole state. I'm not too passionate about it though, other more pressing government issues to worry about.

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