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Not bad for a kid from Kalamazoo U (Western Michigan) BUT IT:

Pretty much locks up the possibility of Jennings getting injured in preseason..........

While we are at it:

How's that Collins thing going???

No chance of Favre in a Viking uniform concept looking a bit weak also.

Kampman not happy either-oh my.
Has any NFL team ever averaged 35 points a game and still been under 500 before?

The Pack-playing for draft picks by mid season.

The packers have no chance of scoring 35 points a game with Rodgers at QB [&:]

Green Bay ranked 5th in the NFL in points per game last year with Rodgers at QB, his first year starting no less. If you're saying Rodgers can't put points on the board, I feel the need to remind you the Packers are on offense when the team in green and gold has the ball.

It's amazing how unreadable some of the sports forums have gotten on here.
You are not smarter than your favorite team's upper management, so stop trying to be.
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