Surprisingly, Pacers are on the path to signing Andrew Bynum who was released by the Cavs. It will likely be for the minimum. A bit of a headscratcher for a team who has all the chemistry in the world and they work, because they all have their own thing and work in a system. Bynum is a complete wildcard. They have Hibbert and Mahinmi. I can't imagine Mahinmi is too happy about it. Likely, it was done so Miami didn't get their mits on him.

I'd love to have MBC's opinion on the downfall of Andrew Bynum.
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Excellent signing for Indiana in my opinion. When Bynum is motivated, he is a very formidable frontcourt player. Once the championship window in Los Angeles slammed shut, you could see his immaturity set in and he adopted a couldn't care less attitude. Same applies during his stints in Philadelphia and Cleveland. He saw absolutely no point in dedicating himself to his craft and rehabilitation because both of those franchises are going nowhere in a real quick hurry.

Indiana is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum and I expect Bynum to put his best foot forward and make the most out of this opportunity. The Heat had trouble enough with Indiana's frontcourt in the playoffs last season and if they have to deal with a remotely interested Andrew Bynum, it will be curtains for them in the East this season.
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