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Brewers made a few moves Monday, none of them earth shattering. Five players were returned to Minor League camp: outfielder Kentrail Davis, infielder Hector Gomez, infielder Taylor Green, outfielder Mitch Haniger and right-hander David Goforth.

Four were optioned to Triple-A Nashville: first baseman Hunter Morris, first baseman/outfielder Jason Rogers and right-handers Jimmy Nelson and Ariel Pena. Two were optioned to Double-A Huntsville: right-handers Brooks Hall and Kevin Shackelford.

Rule 5 draftee Wei-Chung Wang has thrown 5 innings and has allowed only an unearned run. I think he sticks in the bullpen.

Over the past few years the Brewers have went with 12 pitchers and 13 position players. That means there are 5 bench spots open. Martin Maldonado and Logan Schafer are almost locks to make the club. The last three spots is where it gets interesting. There is no way they keep three first basemen. francisco is out of options so that probably means Overbay is the odd man out. I think Elian Herrera, makes the team, he is a switch-hitter who plays second base, short and third as well as all three outfield spots if needed. The last spot then comes down to Bianchi and Gennett. I would give the edge to Bianchi right now. He can play more positions and Gennett's spring has been horrible so far. The Brewers can't waste a roster spot on two players who can only play second base.

And 1 starting spot on a guy that cant play 2nd![afro]


I've held it in too long, your troll jobs regarding Rickie Weeks just goes too far. It was funny when he first started struggling, last season I got a chuckle every once in a while, then I began to just over look it, now it's just flat out annoying and stupid. We get it. You don't have to bring it up every single time someone brings up Rickie Weeks.
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Now onto some actually educated talk about the Opening Day roster, unlike the trolling.

I think it's pretty much set in stone by now.

What I think it will be:

C: Luc
1st: Reynolds
2nd: Scooter
3rd AmRam
SS: Segura
LF: Davis
CF: GoGo
RF: Braun

The starting lineup seems to be set in stone, position wise. Rickie and Scooter will be in a soft platoon with Scooter seeing the vast majority of at bats. Francisco could get some starts at first, depending how Reynolds does. They both hold some pop and strikeout a lot, they are just opposite batting versions of each other, I don't like that recipe, would much rather see Overbay make the roster, I'll comment later.


Set in stone as for members, I'm assuming Yo gets the opening day start, as it's become a tradition. The rest of the pitchers will fall into order, I think this is the most logical order to go. As for reserves, I think it's Thornburg #6, Hellweg #7, Nelson #8, with Fresh Prince as an option too in the instance that one of the starters get hurt, or Yo gets traded some time over the season.


This could go many ways. The first three are a lock, the next two spots are open. Not sure what Bianchi's option situation is, but his defense and versatility is enough to keep him on the roster despite his horrid offense. I could see Elian Herrera possibly cracking the roster in his place, with his versatility of all over the infield and outfield, with the exception of first base, and it's a positive that he's already on the 40 man. Irving Falu is an outside chance to be the back up infielder, but being a NRI, it's a very outside chance, he is hitting alright though. The last bench spot with probably go to Francisco, since he's out of options and don't seem to want to let him go. However, Overbay might be the better option to soft platoon with Reynolds, as he still can hit alright, and is still somewhat of a doubles machine. With injuries, I see Sean Halton being the first to come up with Hunter following, if he can hit his way onto the roster.

Cl: Henderson
SU: KRod
RHP: Kintzler
RHP: Blazek
RHP: Wooten
LHP: Fresh Prince
LHP: Wang

This was tough. Henderson, KRod, and Kintzler are the only locks in my opinion. Not sure what to do with Gorzelanny when he's healthy, I would say just swap out for Wooten, but I can't foresee them having 3 lefties in the pen. I think they try and hold onto Wang with how well he's thrown so far, and I don't foresee the Pirates letting the Brewers keep him with a deal if he's throwing that well. Fresh Prince seems to be set as a left on the roster, I wouldn't mind seeing him start some games to bring a left to the rotation, but for now I have him slated as reliever. That leaves two spots. I think Blazek is in, as he's a hard thrower, and he didn't look too bad last year in the time he was up, he could be a future 8th inning guy. Last spot is a coin flip, Figaro or Wooten. I think Wooten threw well enough to make his was into the last spot in the bullpen. Zach Duke could be an outside chance, but is a NRI. While I'd much rather see Thornburg or Hellweg in the pen, it makes sense to send them to AAA and keep them stretched out, as they'll inevitably be making some starts over the course of this season.

Near Future:
As for the roster the rest of the way, I wish they would just convert Hellweg to relief. He has closer written all over him. When they acquired him in the Greinke trade, I was ecstatic to get him. He's a big dude who throws hard, let him just working on getting 3 outs and keep his velocity up instead of having to go 7 innings. With Garza locked up, and Wily, Thornburg, and Nelson slated in as the future of the rotation, with Jungmann eventually coming, I don't see why they can't afford to just shorten up Hellweg and let him work on blowing by guys.

As for trades, yes, most of you would give up Rickie Weeks for a 6 pack of Miller Light and a pack of grape Big League Chew, but deep down you know he's worth more than that, if he hits well enough in his limited at bats, I could see him getting dealt. Lastly, I think this is almost certain, if the Brewers are struggling come the end of June, look out for the Yankees to try and acquire AmRam to shore up their lineup and enter him as their third baseman, moving Kelly Johnson over to 2nd or as a utility guy. The Yankees are all in, and trading for the 2nd half of AmRam could put them right next to Detroit and Texas, and a two steps ahead of Baltimore in the American League.
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