Just had some thoughts & comments burning through my head. If anyone wants to fire away with any off- season hockey comments (At any level) please do. Here's some of mine:

* First at the NHL Level involving the Red Wings. Am very bummed Detroit let go former Green Bay Gambler goalie Ty Conklin. I know many fans are upset about this move. He did a super job for the Wings. Kind of strange though he was with the Wings when they lost to Pittsburgh in the finals this year, and last year was on Pittsburgh's team that lost to Detroit.

He also played 2 straight years in those outdoor winter classic games.

* Detroit drafted Green Bay Gamblers defenseman Nick Jensen. That's awesome!!!!

* Thanks to Chris Walby for posting this on wissports, sounds like Ashwaubenon's Wes Wauters made the Gamblers!!! Congratulations Wes! Now we'll have a hometown guy to really cheer for. The Gamblers dropped the ball few years back when they didn't take Green Bay's David Solway.

* Wauters did something the past 2 years he never did prior- he ran track for the Jaguars! Was on a couple relay teams (Team took 3rd in states in one of the relays). I honestly believe when Wes took a break from hockey, this re-charged his batteries and helped him in the tryouts. Heard his mom was quite the track athlete in her day for Ashwaubenon (And his dad in hockey).
Wes & the Gamblers will have some excited fans this season, should be fun!

* It's been awhile since I've had this excitment for the Gamblers. You see prior to last season, the Gamblers just weren't winning like they used to. Funny thing was those winning years- THEY HAD YOOPERS ON THE TEAM!!!! C'mon Gamblers, you need some U.P. Hockey Players!!!!

* The Green Bay area hockey players started their summer hockey league yesterday. They have 4 teams consisting of players from the local high school teams. Only bummer was we were missing many players who play baseball. The Ashwaubenon high school coach who just took over the summer hockey, tweaked it from previous years. We now use referees, and there is contact. Our Jaguar coach is a yooper from one of Michigan's hockey hotbeds- up in the U.P.'s Copper Country.

Both games were close. One went into 3 shoot outs to settle a tie.

* We need goalies though. Especially after this season, Ashwaubenon will need a goalie.....can I "recruit" on this site? []

* One of the hockey players told me the Jr Gamblers Midget program had a super turnout for tryouts. Over 50 skaters. Said some came all the from North Dakota (Real reason is probably to watch the Packers ha ha). Heard they did a round of cuts so far.

Thanks for letting me throw this at ya's!
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Just my 2cents but thanx for askin'

I think a lot of people expected Hossa would be gone. He was awsome to have during the regular season, but the playoffs...ouch! Of the years since around 95-96 whenever the Wings didn't make the Finals, their regular season stars never showed up come playoff time (this is why I hate that President's Cup).

In the playoffs, I think Babcock believed Hossa would come through. Also for the money Detroit was paying him maybe this is why he played over others (who seemed to perform better.)

But watch out for Chicago. I see they lost a few key players but I wouldn't be surprised to see them compete for the top of the standings.

Anyone notice the Rangers picked up Brashear? So they have him AND Avery. It's hard to believe Avery started out with the Red Wings. He was nothing near the instigator he is now. But maybe Scottie Bowman had something to do with keeping him under control.

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What do you think about the Blackhawks signing Hossa away from the Red Wings?
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Anyone trying out for the WEHL? Am curious how it goes:

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