This game kicks off in San Diego giving the Padres a huge advantage. Is this another disappointing post season for the Cardinals or will La Russa get them over the hump and win the WS?
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I got the Padres winning.
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padres in 4
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I'm taking the Padres in 4. The cardinals have just been playing so bad at the end of the regular season.
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This is the least interesting series and I see the Padres in 4
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I'm going with the Cards. Someone has to pick them.
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Padres vs Yankees in the WS

Padres will win it all in 6
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I got the Red Birds winning. I dont know how many games, but the Red Birds go on to face the Mets in the NLCS.
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I like the Cards as underdogs this year...who knows what'll happen.
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