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DB1985 wrote:

cory wrote:

i don't get balfour. he's been great in tampa all year, he stunk when he pitched in milwaukee. he's got wes helms syndrome.

Balfour was a good pitcher (that's why Milwaukee brought him up), but when you blow two huge games down the stretch with just awful pitching it's very hard for anyone to want you around.

I recall alot of "Ball Four" jabs during his Milwaukee tenure.

You are not smarter than your favorite team's upper management, so stop trying to be.
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T_Unit14 wrote:

Mr. Longoria may just be a legend already...2 bombs in the first 3 innings of his first ever playoff game...pretty good for a rookie

That total is now up to four for the 2008 Postseason...... A legend could definitely be in the making.

Not to be out done, Longoria's teammate BJ Upton has hit five HR's this spostseason as well.
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Baseball is not a game that builds character, it is a game that reveals it.

"There are three types of baseball players: those who make things happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happened."
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20 years ago today, a LEGEND was made;

Vin Scully at his best!!
"So what is big is not always the Trout nor the Deer but the chance, the being there. And what is full is not necessarily the creel nor the freezer, but the memory." ~ Aldo Leopold
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