I had a chance to take in a good portion of the scrimmages that were held last night at Fondy. I took some notes and thought I'd throw them up on here. Before I get started, it should be noted that these are of course just scrimmages and the first "game" action for the teams so there are still a LOT of kinks to be worked out for all teams involved and things will be tweaked as the season goes on. I expect all teams to improve as the season goes on, so it goes without saying that what we saw last night was an extremely small sample size and should not be taken as gospel as to how the season will play out for these teams, but I think it's interesting nonetheless.

I assume all scrimmages are run basically the same way, but some background just incase. Scrimmages were 25-minute running clock. Penalties were called, but there were no power plays or special teams, everything was 5 on 5. There was only one referee (no linesmen) on the ice, so there were some offsides that were missed here and there, but for the most part things ran pretty smooth on that front. From time to time though the referee was out of position and missed a couple goals I think, or at least didn't signal them as such. I'm sure the lines were being switched around all night, but I tried to at least catch a starting line for each team that I saw. The forward lines are not RW/C/LW, I just wrote them down as quick as I could, so they may be mixed up. I saw 7 of the 14 scrimmages last night. Anyways, here goes.

Fond du Lac vs. Appleton
-Starting line for Fondy had 7-5-12 as forwards, 2-27 as defensemen and 33 started in goal.
-Starting line for Appleton had 23-7-14 as forwards, 8-9 as defensemen and 33 started in goal.
-Fondy is controlling the first half
-Appleton is controlling the second half
-Hansen (#28) for Fondy looks good
-Watson (#8) for Appleton looks aggressive and always in good position.
-GOAL APPLETON, #4 put in his own rebound on a wrister from the top of the circle. I think the referee actually missed the goal.
-Fondy controlling the last two minutes of the scrimmage
FINAL - Appleton 1, Fondy 0

Notre Dame Academy vs. Appleton
-Starting line for NDA had 9-17-10 as forwards, 2-12 as defensemen and 31 started in goal.
-Starting line for Appleton had 43-18-26 as forwards, 45-25 as defensemen and 1 started in goal.
-Maybe it's just because I'm sitting closer to the action this game, but this looks much faster and more physical than the Fondy/Appleton game.
-#8 impressing me again and gets in there to break up a scuffle
-A lot of hitting after the whistle
-Very chippy game
-No goals this game, but I'd give the slight edge to NDA as they seemed to control the action more often. This was a VERY physical game with a lot of action after the whistle. There was a shoving match during the post-game handshake line and teams had to be led to the locker rooms separately. #17 McCormick (NDA), #22 Doran (NDA) and #26 Myers (AU) were really mixing it up.
-I actually don't think these two teams meet in the regular season this year, though there is a chance they could see each other in the NDA tourney. There is also a potential playoff matchup as they are in the same sectional. Too bad they aren't on each other's regular season schedule though. This would be a VERY interesting game if they meet up again.
FINAL - Notre Dame 0, Appleton 0

Beaver Dam vs. Notre Dame Academy
-Starting forwards for Beaver Dam were 6-17-2, 15-5 started at defense, 30 started in net.
-Starting for Notre Dame were 10-17-9 as forwards, 4-26 at defense and 31 starting in net.
-#23 for Notre Dame flips it in front from behind the net and #6 puts it in the net for the first goal.
-#17 for Notre Dame takes a shot and #9 puts in the rebound for the second goal.
-#26 takes a shot for Notre Dame after fooling the Beaver Dam defender, #22 tries to knock in the rebound but it bounces out where #26 puts it home finally for another Notre Dame goal.
-#12 for Notre Dame centers the puck to #17 streaking down the middle and he puts it in the net.
-Beaver Dam got an odd shot on goal here and there but Notre Dame dominates.
FINAL - Notre Dame 4, Beaver Dam 0

Waupun vs. Fond du Lac
-I didn't see this game, but someone said it ended Fondy 3, Waupun 2

Appleton vs. Waupun
-Starting line up for Appleton has 23-7-14 as forwards, 8-9 on defense and 33 in goal.
-Starting line up for Waupun has 16-10-21 as forwards, 25-15 on defense and 30 in goal.
-Waupun only has 11 skaters and 2 goalies suited up.
-#4 for Appleton takes a shot and #2 puts in the rebound for a goal, 1-0 Appleton.
-About 10 seconds later, #11 of Waupun puts in a wrister to even it at 1-1
-#18 goes cross ice to #43 for a one-timer goal for Appleton, they now lead 2-1
-#8 of Waupun has a rebound goal, I missed the initial shot, tied 2-2
-#26 of Appleton goes halfway up the ice by himself and muscles off a Waupun defender to score. 3-2 Appleton
-As the game winds down, Waupun fights back and #7 scores a goal for them, 3-3.
FINAL Appleton 3, Waupun 3

Fond du Lac vs. Neenah
-Starting line for Fondy is 28-12-5 at forward, 27-34 on defense, 1 starts in goal.
-Starting line for Neenah is 21-2-14 at forward, 8-7 on defense, 1 in goal
-Neenah looks like a very SMALL team physically.
-I don't remember Neenah wearing red socks before, wondering if it's a mix of their JV and Varsity team
-Neenah has VERY small goalies
-#20 scores for Fondy, unassisted, 1-0 Fondy.
-#27 takes a shot, #28 puts in his rebound for Fondy, now up 2-0.
-Getting more physical towards the end of the game
FINAL Fond du Lac 2, Neenah 0

Sheboygan vs. Beaver Dam
-Starting line for Sheboygan is 12-9-9 at forward, 10-6 on defense, 1 in goal
-Starting line for Beaver Dam is 19-2-6 at forward, 8-16 on defense, 30 in goal
-This game is noticeably slower than some of the others
-It's getting late in the night, maybe the larger ice sheet is affecting these teams that don't have a lot of depth
-Sheboygan wins the award for best looking uniforms in my book
-Sheboygan has 14 skaters, but just 1 goalie suited up
-#19 takes a pass backside from #12 for a goal, Sheboygan leads 1-0
-Beaver Dam defense misplays the puck and #17 puts it in for Sheboygan, now lead 2-0
-#17 for Beaver Dam looks to be their best and perhaps only playmaker
-15 seconds later #12 picks the defense's pocket and puts in a wrister, Sheboygan up 3-0
-Missed the goal, but think it was #17 for Beaver Dam to make it 3-1
-#17 has another goal for Beaver Dam, 3-2 now.
-#19 scores unassisted for Sheboygan making it 4-2 Sheboygan
-#19 scores a wrister at the top of the circle for Beaver Dam to make it 4-3.
FINAL - Sheboygan 4, Beaver Dam 3

Sheboygan vs. Appleton
-Starting line for Sheboygan is 19-12-9 at forward, 6-27 at defense, 1 in goal
-Starting line for Appleton is 19-20-10 at forward, 41-5 at defense, 1 in goal
-Last game of the night for both teams, looks like tired legs as it's pushing 9:30 and we're going on hour 5
-Sheboygan defense turns the puck over, #4 puts in a wrister in front for Appleton, lead 1-0
-Nice 2 on 1 effort and shot for Sheboygan but it hits the post with about 10 minutes left
-#19 with a nice solo effort for Sheboygan and scores a goal, tied 1-1
-#43 centers to #18 over the middle, #18 puts it in the net, Appleton leads 2-1 with about a minute left
FINAL - Appleton 2, Sheboygan 1

Fond du Lac vs. Notre Dame Academy
-I didn't see this one, but one of the NDA players said they won 2-1.
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Finally, I thought it might be somewhat (at least for me) interesting to rank the teams that I saw last night, along with a quick one liner on each. After last night, this is what I think, in order.

1.) Notre Dame Academy - I think it was clear to most people there last night that they had the most talent, or at least it was to me. I see them winning Sectional #5.

2.) Appleton United - It's obvious they've lost that "spark" from last year after losing their two best playmakers. Their players always seem to be in the right position though, but they may struggle to score at times this year. Luck (#8) and Watson (#9) are about as good as a defensive combo as you'll see all year, IMO.

3.) Fond du Lac - I came away a little underwhelmed by them last night. I suppose you could make a case for them over Appleton though. I just don't see any way they can come out of a tough Sectional #8 this year and make it to State. Guess you never know though.

4.) Waupun - I was very surprised by them last night. As usual they are a pretty physical team, and they played Fondy and Appleton very tough. I have no idea how they played so well with just 11 skaters suited up. I would have been interested to see them play Notre Dame last night, but they did not.

5.) Neenah - They had a lot of kids, but like I said they were fairly small. I couldn't believe how small their two goalies were. The one I saw played decent against Fondy.

6.) Sheboygan - I don't have a whole lot to say, other than I struggled with putting them here, or ahead of Neenah.

7.) Beaver Dam - They just didn't really have much. To make it worse, they seemed to get frustrated after giving up a goal or two, and that usually only makes it worse.

Anyways, I don't mean to knock any teams I saw last night, I thank them all for putting on a great show. I know it's cliche, but I wish all teams good luck this year, and here's to proving me wrong! Go get 'em boys (and girl)!
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parkside21 wrote:

Anyways, I don't mean to knock any teams I saw last night, I thank them all for putting on a great show. I know it's cliche, but I wish all teams good luck this year, and here's to proving me wrong! Go get 'em boys (and girl)!

Thanks for taking the time to write these up and share them with us. These are the kinds of posts that make these forums fun & informative!

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