This game is in correlation with the MACC FUND (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer). Both teams have done multiple fund raisers in their schools and communities and there will be a lot more fund raisers, with 100% of the proceeds going to the MACC Fund. To read more about this, see the article from The Reporter, by Doug Whiteley below. Rescheduled for Saturday, December 20th, regular start time.

LOMIRA ? If there is one Flyway basketball game to see this year, Friday night at Lomira is the one.
It is there that the Flyway favorite Lions will host North Fond du Lac, but it is what's happening off the court at this girls game that makes it a must-attend.
On the court, the teams will look strikingly different. Lomira will be resplendent in its home whites with pink trim, and the visiting Orioles will be sporting pink shorts and jerseys with white numerals. The uniforms will be a part of a silent auction and one of the many events surrounding the game in an effort to raise money to benefit the MACC (Midwest Athletes against Childhood Cancer) Fund.
"It's been one of the best games in the conference for probably the last four or five years and we thought, why don't we use that for something that isn't just to sell tickets and win a game, but something more important ? working together to help come up with funds to help find a cure," said Lomira coach Aaron Olson.
Both Lomira and North Fondy's girls teams give their time to a worthy cause each season, but this is the first time they'll be working together to raise funds in memory of Cody Weiglein, the brother of Lomira's Kelsey Weiglein, who passed away on Feb. 11 from a rare form of cancer.
Efforts to sell raffle tickets and raise funds began weeks ago.
North Fondy had cake sales at home games as well as 50/50 raffles to add to Lomira's MACC Fund donation. The Orioles held a T-shirt sale, and have been helping to sell raffle tickets for Friday's door prizes.
Karin Weiglein, the event's organizer and Kelsey and Cody's mom, said the original order of raffle tickets sold out quickly.
"Those tickets have been going very, very well," Karin Weiglein said. "We've had tickets at all home events."
Some of the top prizes in the silent auction are Bucks and Badger hockey tickets, an Alex Rodriguez autographed baseball and a flat-screen TV.
The Lomira players have paired off and baked cakes to be raffled off Friday, and there will be a bake sale starting before the game.
The FBLA, which runs the concession stand at Lomira home events, has agreed to donate Friday's proceeds to the cause.
Lomira students of all grade levels have waged a penny war to get their favorite staff members a chance to get a pie in the face at halftime of the game.
"I think it's a great cause," said North Fondy coach Gary Kuehl. "Obviously we understand when you lose a child to cancer it's one thing, but to lose a brother to cancer during the season, it makes that connection even stronger. Younger brothers are always around their siblings at their high school events."
Cody was 5 years old when he finally lost his battle with malignant ectomesenchymoma, with which he was diagnosed when he was 2½ years old. The National Cancer Institute Web site lists this type of cancer as a fast growing tumor of the nervous system or soft tissue.
"The MACC Fund is huge in research, and as rare of a cancer as Cody had, that is kind of important," Karin Weiglein said.
Karin Weiglein came up with the idea for the fundraiser after hearing a radio add last fall that the Mayville and Horicon volleyball teams were doing something similar. She approached Olson, he went to Kuehl, and the ball kept rolling.
Friday's endeavor will not be the first for Karin Weiglein in Cody's honor. Last spring, she helped lead a book-donation drive that culminated with 500 balloons being released to celebrate Cody's birthday on May 8.
Those who donated books got to launch a balloon, and Karin got to put a label in each of the 700 books raised that read "In Loving Memory of Cody." Then she and her family took the books to Children's Hospital in Milwaukee were Cody spent many weeks.
Throwing herself into projects such as the book drive and Friday's fundraiser have helped Karin Weiglein keep her son's memory going, she said.
"She's very upbeat, very reflective and she talks about him a lot," Olson said.

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