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Also, I think it's safer to say Moss is the most talented on that NE team, but that doesn't - at least for me - make him the best.

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when is the voting for MVP?
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You know, I was up 54-32 in our fantasy football league. We score 4 for a passing touchdown and 1 point for every 100 yards passing. So keep him to less than 5 touchdowns and 300 yards passing and I win this week. Classic 55-54 loss and a complete summarization of my year in fantasy football.

Brees just vaulted Favre on my board. That or the Pats defense just dropped down to the bottom. I mean how many times does your safety have to come running up to take away the slant and then watch as the corner gets beat on a deep post? It made me sick to my stomach.

New Orleans Saints - Best team in the NFC.
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They certainly do look like the best team in the NFC. Their defense is playing great; Secondary coming up with a lot of interceptions. And what can you say about that offense? You know what they're going to do, but how can you stop it? The athleticism and route running abilities of those receivers is quite impressive. Top that off by Drew Brees' ability to run that playbook and you have yourself a Super Bowl type team.

I'm still a believer that the Vikings can knock them off, or have a repeat of '98...

At this point, I would rank MVP candidates as follows:
1.) Drew Brees- Saints are perfect, Brees is the focal point of that attack
2.) Chris Johnson- A debate as to whether VY10 is opening this up for CJ28, but the man has just been playing out of his mind and has the once 0-6 Titans back in the playoff hunt.
3.) Brett Favre- Doing what he needs to do to keep the Vikings reeling. Near the top in just about every passing category.
4.) Peyton Manning- MVP talk has quieted down for Manning. This may be because the three guys ahead of him have been playing downright excellent.
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If the Titans were having a better season, a season like they had last year, Johnson would be my pick. It's a lot harder for a RB to have the season he's having than it is for a QB to have a great season with all the Mickey Mouse rules they have now that cater to the passing game. They showed a thing on ESPN yesterday that no RB in NFL history has 3 TD runs of over 85 yards in their entire career, and CJ has 3 this year.
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The Titans willl run the table and Johnson will win the mvp. Breeze, Favre and Manning will steal votes from each other. Johnson will help take down the colts this week. the horseshoe in the colts rear end falls out at last.
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After what Drew did tonight against NE he is the clear front-runner in my opinion.
The Brewers will finish 90-72 and earn the #1 WC berth.

Carlos Gomez will have a 30/40 season (HR/SB) and win a 2nd Gold Glove en route to an All Star selection.
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Paladium wrote:

After what Drew did tonight against NE he is the clear front-runner in my opinion.

Agreed. I wanted to wait 'til the end of the game to decide between Favre and Brees and after looking at the final numbers it's hard to argue with a perfect passer rating against the Pats defense. Not to mention the five TD's and 371 yards. Some of those passes were pretty sick.
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