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I am an outstate fan and have no relationship to either team. I've read the posts and wanted to put a unbiased 2 cents out there.

The cleat deal after the game was not a very classy thing to do and I know that in my conf. if a coach saw it it would of been stopped then and there and laps I'd bet would be run. Most of the other game actions are unneeded but in the heat of the battle things happen.

As for the bathroom break, I do think the punishment has fit the crime. If you do not want the attention of the media on this, then find a little johnny.

Without any research it is easy to see who is biased and who is not.

Bigbuckhunter in my opinion is not unfairly blasting any team of program, he is pointing out what he saw, talked to people that should be made aware of it and attacks on him are more telling than you think to others following along.
"The name All-Northwest itself means something to readers of the Leader-Telegram." ?

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I agree with Reality Check case closed... Lets move on.
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