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There is no angling going on to keep that pick, they are just BAD.

Kobe has scored 50 points on an inefficient 17-42 through the first two games...but that doesn't seem bad when you consider the rest of the starters combined have scored just 63 points on 21-57 shooting.

You know your team is in absolute ruins and dismay when fans are anxiously counting down the days until Nick Young can return.

I guess that's what happens when a team flushes away their money on a guy that's on the decline, rather than use it productively to actually build a good team.

*high five* times 10. Kobe is the rise & fall of the Lakers.

It's The House that Kobe built. I tell my players to watch the Lakers this year as a lesson in what NOT to do. Poor shot selection, little passing, horrible body language, and that defense, oh that "defense".
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11/26 - Early returns look like:

Cavaliers         58.5 (Under)
Thunder         57.5 (Under)
Warriors         50.5 (Over)
Raptors         49.5 (Way over, who knew?)
Grizzlies         48.5 (Way over, who knew?)
Knicks         40.5 (Under, I think hometown betting $$ swing NY and LA lines constantly)
Lakers         31.5 (Under, can I get $10,000 on that some where?)
Bucks         24.5 (Over! And fun to watch)
76ers         15.5 (I have to say Under, until I recognize more than 2 players on the floor)
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And my last beef about the Lakers. What exactly is Byron Scott doing in practice? It certainly doesn't look like Offense or Defense.
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