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If there truly is little correlation between marriage and love (not quite sure how you quantify an emotion), that's the fault of the people that shack up with the wrong person, not marriage. If you're not going to get married just because of some study, well, to each his own. I don't think you'd have had much luck getting married anyways if you went into dating thinking you'd be a breadwinner courting a trophy wife. It seems to me like you've got an outdated/"old-fashioned" view on how marriage works and haven't experienced true love yet.

Now, for Rick's sake, enough with marriage. Let's move on to who's hot and how much food we can eat and stuff. The real issues.

Eva Mendes

I just watched The Spirit. Not the greatest movie ever, but Eva Mendes is hot haha.
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MWarrior2008 wrote:

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MWarrior2008, just stop.

The generalizations being made here are vast and incorrect about many people/women/men. You proved your point with the opinion of one woman- whohoo, good for you! I see that research is golden to you. Cameroncrazies, the notion that women's studies programs are 'usually' run by lesbian feminists is also a vast generalization. For starters, the professor I had last year was a mostly-stay-at-home mother of three. That's obviously only one instance, but to say that all program leaders are lesbian is off, because saying that implies that you think that all/most feminists are lesbians. Herein lies another problem.

"So now with that being said now maybe some of you have a better understanding as to why you will never see me be a married man."
-Honestly? Good. Because women deserve to be respected.

Who said I don't respect women? I have absolutely no problem with women. Fine if you want to stop talkin about it people then I am with you on that. In fact this was the last thing I was going to post on it anyway. I may not be a an expert but I also hate to see people unhappy that don't deserve to be. And yes I forget who said that it's the people's fault but you were right. The people must make their decisions and that is why I choose to stay away from it. But maybe when some are unhappy because they made a wrong decision then will I seem like the idiot that some believe I am? We'll find out. I never said that it was wrong to have a significant other, but maybe we need to defy the norm of marriage and kids. Maybe love will only be found by having relationships like what Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed have (minus the children). How will we know? And when they say they found "the one," how do they know that that person's the one? Out of billions of people in the world and when you factor in each person's sexuality, how can the one be found? It may seem like I've been beating a dead horse and I swear this time I am done with my messages about how bad of an idea marriage is, but I only did it because I care about the people. So go ahead and hate me for this. I don't give a dead moose's last crap anymore. But remember the warnings you have received from me. They may be true, and you may not know it yet...

Really, then why are you "negging" everyone on the board that disagrees with you?

As a Mod, I can see who give +'s & -'s.

He isn't really attached to his points. He blasted me several times for negging his posts, crying about it and everything. The records will show though, this topic is the first time I ever negged him.

I am just glad we have the worlds greatest advice giver giving us advice.

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MWarrior2008 wrote:

Okay now before you jump me on this one allow me to explain myself. Now obviously I have talked about marriage and the fact I am against it and why. And as some of you may remember I brought up the fact that money was a big reason why women want to get married. Well, as you may or may not know I am talking a women's studies class through UW Colleges Online, and through a textbook reading by Emma Goldman my point was proven. Through reading the text it proves that there is little to no correlation between marriage and love. Many get married not only to combine checkbooks and share bank accounts, but they also do it because it is considered a norm to be married and have children. Men are usually taught from childhood to be the breadwinner of the family, and the women are usually taught from childhood to be married and be home cartakers. But why do we see marriages fail so often? Financial situations and also because love was not there to begin with. So now with that being said now maybe some of you have a better understanding as to why you will never see me be a married man. If you have any other info or opinions on this to share, please do so.

You lost me by the end of your first sentence. Seriously, you didn't prove jack. Quit trying to be "coldfeet09"jr.
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BB21 wrote:

Let's move on to who's hot and how much food we can eat and stuff. The real issues.

Did you watch the NAthan's Hot Dog Eating contest this weekend? I loved the announcer for the thing. He made up introductions for each of the contestants. Some of the records they each held were ridiculous. They have records for everything. Cranberry Sauce, fried ochra, ice cream, pie, etc. It's sad when they don't record it in #'s of items eaten, but in lbs of food eaten. Makes that Carnivore Challenge look silly. Joey Chestnut was unbelievable. I think he ate 68 or 69 hot dogs in 12 minutes.

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Wizzler wrote:

I am just glad we have the worlds greatest advice giver giving us advice.

I disagree.

Badgeralum was much wiser and smarter, and even less condescending when he offered advice.

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