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I don't understand why everyone is so sure that Favre's one bad year means his skills are declining etc. The 05-06 season could very well be an anomaly, the way I see it our team this year is essentially the same as our 04-05 team that won the division. Granted we have a worse O-line and are missing javon Walker, but I think our defense is much improved and could cancel out the comparitive offensive shortcomings. I think about everyone saying Jerry Rice was washed up after a couple 800 yard seasons when he was a little older than Favre with San Francisco. The guy went to Oakland and was a Pro Bowler at age 40! I don't think skills just disappear in great QBs from when they're 35 to when they're 37. I hope Favre comes back with a great year and makes you eat your words Slim.

Its not about the skill set. he can throw the ball. However he is simply not as sharp as he use to be. He is slow making reads, making throws into double and triple coverage that not even he would have done 5 years ago, and worse yet he is not making an effort to prepare himself for the season anymore. Last year he spent the summer down south doing yoga....well we all saw how well that went over. The guys wants to show up on Sunday and throw the ball around, however with defenzive getting more and more complex it is as much a mental game as it is physical. The result of a play can be determined before the ball is even snapped and thats where the old Favre is not the same as the Favre of old.

How sharp does Favre look now Slim? through three games he's 71/118 ( better than 60%) averaging 283 yds and two TDs a game and one INT per game. Two of the INTs came against the Bears when the score was already 26 - 0. I think anyone who can't admit that Favre has played very well so far is ignorant. What do you say?
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