Last week was the first week of league play in the Mississippi Valley Conference and brought a couple close and fun games.

MVC Standings
West Salem - 1-0; 3-0
Logan - 1-0; 2-1
Onalaska - 1-0; 2-1
Holmen - 1-0; 1-2
Central - 0-1; 2-1
Aquinas - 0-1; 1-2
Sparta - 0-1; 1-2
Tomah - 0-1; 1-2

Central lost in a nearly successful comeback attempt after being down 27-7 at the end of the first half against Holmen. They scored 20 points in the second half to tie the game, but Holmen was able to win on a last second field goal. Aquinas lost its first conference game to Onalaska in a blow out and look like they will continue to struggle in the MVC. This is, however, their last season in the conference.

West Salem was able to win over Tomah by a solid margin of 27 points. How they play this week could put them in a spot to win the conference. Holmen was barely able to hold off Central in a thrilling game. They host West Salem this week in what will be another close and amazing game as these co-champions look to win the conference outright.

Onalaska was able to get a pretty easy win against Aquinas last week and are another potential candidate to win the conference this season. Logan was able to sneak past Sparta with the MVC's second field goal game winner. Logan is looking to make it back into the playoffs this season but will have a tough time with the four leading teams in the conference.

Sparta lost in a very close game to Logan after a last second field goal. Although they will likely not make the post season this year, they are a much more solid team than last season. Tomah lost its conference opener to West Salem after going 1-1 in its first two games. They will play their I-90 rival Sparta in what should be another close game.

MVC Game of the Week: West Salem @ Holmen

My predictions:
Central @ Aquinas
West Salem @ Holmen
Onalaska @ Logan
Sparta @ Tomah
Woah, it's been awhile

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Central @ Aquinas
West Salem @ Holmen
Onalaska @ Logan
Sparta @ Tomah - Follow me. Because we all need a bit of sports snark in our lives.

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