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A rollercoaster of pleasurable feelings that make it hard to even breathe, or is it also evident in sarcasm, bickering, and sex on demand? Youe kidding, right? That not love. We don need to be educated about what love is; you just know it. Or do you?

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Over 1 million kids a year are affected by divorce; 60% are parents between the ages of 25 to 39. The love these couples demonstrate is the educational model their kids get for what this predominately misunderstood word represents.
It undeniably confusing and incredibly unfortunate. We model what we see; we aim for what we believe is possible. Only we don realize we haven been given an education to know what a fulfilling experience is.

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What we often find instead is the bad behavior of loveless couples whose treatment of each other is so unconscious there is not even the respect one would ask of a roommate. There are also couples who stay together solely for the "sake of their kids," "financial difficulties." or "religious beliefs" who don increase their kids chances for knowing love even on the smallest scale.

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Then we have the romantic love modeled in films and books that is so picture perfect the expectations it sets can only lead to miserable failure in your own life. Romantic relationships where two people depend on each other to make themselves whole don last. In today world, they can end as quickly as that realization becomes conscious; sometimes only days after marriage vows are spoken.
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