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The question is why students use plagiarism and cheating. One of the most popular answers is: just had too much to do ? time management is one of the most important issues students have to deal with. Another common answer would be: could not keep up? Again, time management is the main concern mainly because in most cases, many assignments come at the same time and students have a real problem dealing with all of them equally. The third answer would be: heard that our tutor has not noticed that others have copied chunks from the web. Why can I not get away with it too??br />
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Tutors are known for the fact that they don take any action for obvious infringement and the only thing they do is to say to their students not to do it again, that it is. As you can see, tutors don seem interested when it comes down to the effort students have to make. Another applicable answer is: ast year students said that they had the exact same essay and offered me it. I just used it as guidance??This issue occurs because same tasks are given each and every year.

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One last answer would be: veryone else seems to get away with this, why shouldn I?? Students aren really scared because the penalties are rather small in comparison with the personal advantages they have and also students want to challenge the authorities.

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The overall situation is quite bad although researches regarding this issue are hard to conduct. If we have a look at the cases that have been detected, we are only observing the tip of the iceberg as the issue has deep ramifications. A U.S. study showed that 8.5% of the students that participated in this study used copy/paste for about 25% of the work.
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