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You guys arent thinking about this. No one loves their job at McDonalds. Be serious. Professional baseball players love their job. They WANT TO PLAY, no one wants to sit the bench.

Their are people who love their job and want to go to work all the time. Not everyone would be happy taking the easy way out.
"The runner goes, Hall juices it into left center field.....THE BREWERS WIN...."

"And there's a drive into left field, this is hit well, and IT'S GONE....RYAN BRAUN...A 2-RUN HOME RUN, THE BREWERS TAKE THE LEAD..."
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But don't you think he realizes that no one else wants him out there because of his streakiness? Geoff is an adult. I think he knows what the perceptions of him as a player are by other mlb teams. Same with Mench. When teams try to shop you and there are no takers, then that is a sign. Read the article in today's State Journal. The guy writing it is a retard, I think his name is Vic Fuersomething.
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