So Singletary's debut didn't go as planned....but he made a damn good statement. JT O'Sullivan fumbled the ball at the 5 yard line then threw a costly pick-6 on 4th down late in the 2nd quarter and Singletary benched him for Shaun Hill who did surprisingly okay, something like 18/25, 176 yards and a TD with 0 turnovers. Then, Vernon Davis, on the way back to the huddle, hit a defender in the facemask so Singletary benched him, then sent him back to the lockerroom and defended every single one of his moves in his press conference.

Personally, I think what he's doing is awesome. I'm tired of these 'players coaches' like Wade Phillips. Especially with the 49ers who need a smack in the mouth, Singletary is doing exactly what this team needs and did exactly what Vernon Davis needed. Davis even said after that Singletary is a good coach and he was okay with sending him to the showers. I think hes got these guys attention and I really hope more coaches take note.
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I'd like to see plexiglass burress be the next one to be sent packing.
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Yeah that was a pretty cool press conference. He's even scary as a coach. Great player who I unfortunately couldn't like until he retired, since he was a Bear. [:-] Hope he does well. That was almost Ditka like. (who I also
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This team is going nowhere right now and they need someone to take control. With that said, I'm glad Singletary was willing to call out someone. Something I think Nolan would not have done.
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This guy is awesome. ?It's about time we saw the old school "My Way or the Highway" attitude. ?After I saw his press conference, I immediately became and fan of Mike Singletary and wherever he goes. ?I also had the same thought during his press conference, this is a very Ditka like attitude. ?I heard on ESPN Hoge was saying it wasn't appropriate to address it to the press like that, I disagree with that. ?Let everyone know what you stand for in San Fran now, and how it's going to be.?

I respect Vernon Davis a ton now for not backlashing at the coach and understanding why he was sent to the showers. ?Seems like nowadays any player that gets called out by his coach, attempts mutiny.
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I hope the 49ers' front office decides to keep Singletary after this season and if that doesn't happen, I wouldn't want to be the one employee who picks up the phone and has the misfortune of listening to a screaming Mike Ditka.
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And he ALSO [link=]dropped his pants[/link] and pointed to his a$$ to illustrate that his team was getting their asses kicked.... haha i think that's frickin hilarious
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