What is happening to the eagles? The last 4 years they seem to be going in the right direction. We have good numbers and some good talent. But these last 5 weeks have been just tough for the eagles. We have had some bad losses but the last 2 weeks have been the worst i have seen. Seems like the coaches are more pumped up for a game then the players are! Saw some things from our players I did not like:

1. 2-3 injured players in the stands instead of the sidelines with their team. I know for a fact that Coach did not like this! Even some of the parents noticed this and were shocked

2. some players not doing their jobs...worried about the next guy

3. players talking back to coaches/refs-I know this does not fly with our coaches. We have been complimented on how well our guys behaved and what gentlemen we are! I know coach clache will take care of this.

4 .Lineman just getting BLASTED!...can you say weightroom? I know they were not there cuz I was there almost everyday this summer(saw our wide reciever there everyday...thats it!!)

5. Jv players outplaying and outhustling the varsity. Maybe coach should play these guys more?

We have some good coaches(all played college ball...1 played high level d-3...2 played division 1...1 even played in the NFL for several years!!!) 2 of the coaches have been here for 10 years. These guys know what they are doing. We do have some guys poisoning the rest of the team. We have a good freshman/sophmore class that loves the game and the coaches. Some of the older guys need to take some lessons from these guys. Being a former player I can tell you that the alumni are very dissappointed with some of our guys! I hope the young guys stick it out. They are gonna be good in a couple years!

I love my eagles!just not happy with how they are doing. Losing is part of the game. But at least go down swinging!!!!!!
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