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Final Standings
D1: 39th place with 52 points (Marquette)
D2: 19th place with 48 points (Waunakee)
D3: 8th place with 40 points (Pewaukee)
D4: 10th place with 65 points (Big Foot)
D5: 17th place with 55 points (St. Marys Springs)
D6: 28th place with 51 points (Edgar)
D7: 10th place with 55 points (Catholic Central)

Total: 366, 6 out of 7 champions and the only one I missed was D3 and Pewaukee lost to the champion

Average Place: 18th

There were a total of 80 points in each individual bracket making the best score possible 560.

I am impressed on the champs. Nicely done.
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Well this was my worst year ever.

D1 - 38 41st
D2 - 39 33rd
D3 - 20 38th
D4 - 49 38th
D5 - 60 6th (2nd)
D6 - 50 30th
D7 - 37 36th

293 total. Ughhh and that is with only 3 correct Champs. D1, 5 and 6.
Proud And Loving Father Of An Angel Named Derek - 8/4/13

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D1: 59
D2: 31
D3: 55
D4: 63
D5: 37
D6: 74
D7: 40

Total: 359

I started well, but the divisions that I didn't get the state champion in, 2, 5, and 7, I missed on both teams in the state title game and that really hurt. I finished first in D6 so that was pretty cool. I wonder how I finished overall though.

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