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What? *Mich. St. is one of the Elite programs in the country. *This normally around the time that kids begin to commit anyway. Around the beginning of their junior season

*Never said they weren't, but I question that statement considering they did not even finish in the top-25 last season.?
*All you have to do is read the first paragraph of this article and you'll?realize (if you somehow haven't allready) that?this is not "normally the time kids commit anyway."

One off season. When UNC finished that first year with Roy Williams, 19-12, did people just automatically write them off as an elite team?

MSU is and will continue to be an elite program. However, they are young this up and coming season, so I wouldn't be suprised to see another poor finish.

But who knows, maybe you're right. Only time will tell.
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Once again, I NEVER said that Michigan State was NOT an elite team, just that it could be questionable considering their finish last year and some other minor factors. I personally love MSU (especially Izzo) and think they are a great program, and when I said I wish Korie would have decided to go somewhere else I was saying that in the perspective that playing time will be VERY hard to come by in his first couple of years (which could lead to an abundance of problems). If he would have gone somewhere else he would have undoubtedly seen major minutes right away, depending on where he went. The NEXT time Duke or UNC finishes outside of the top-25 come and talk to me, because it's not going to be anytime soon....
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Ok I'm sorry a lot of kids wait another 6 months till their senior year is over. You have to remember that Korie has probably gotten all the offers that he would've gotten. We can look locally Marcus Landry and Jerry Smith both committed just before their Senior season so if he would've waited another 6-9 months then would that have been more acceptable. Look at the list of guys in the Top 150 and see when they commit I will guarntee that you will see a lot of commitments coming up soon. Also the year that Duke finished out of the top 25 would you have dropped them from elite status?
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How could anyone fault a scholarship to Michigan State?

God Bless the kid, good luck!! []
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