Oconomowoc @ Beaver Dam- It was good to see cooney get a win on friday, but i think after the loss to Hartford, and a possible playoff spot if they win out, Beaver Dam will come out a bit more hungry and win.

Hartford @ Watertown- I stand corrected with my prediction against Beaver Dam last week, i see hartford rolling over the goslings.

Slinger @ Wisconsin Lutheran- After watching the slinger-ocon game i think this one could be a running clock pretty early. Theres alot of injury on the slinger side, and i didn't see the same team that lost to hartford 0-12.

West Bend East @ West Bend West- I have no clue what to think, its the homecoming game, so i guess i will pick east over west in a close one.
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Oconomowoc @ Beaver Dam

Hartford @ Watertown

Slinger @ Wisconsin Lutheran

West Bend East @ West Bend West - Follow me. Because we all need a bit of sports snark in our lives.

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Beaver Dam over Oconomowoc-It was great to see Oconomowoc win last week. Beaver Dam knows that if they win out...which is possible, they will be in the playoffs. If that cant get them pumped up I dont know what will. I think Beaver Dam's ground game will have its way against the Oconomowoc defense.

Hartford over Watertown-This one will not be close.

Wisconsin Lutheran over Slinger-Slinger is beat up bad. Wisco knows how to use the last games of the regular season to prepare for the playoffs, they will come out ready to play firing on all cylinders. This game could get ugly really fast. Running clock by the middle of the 3rd quarter.

West Bend East over West Bend West-This is a toss up. I give the edge to East because of their offense. West's defense has a lot of holes that I think East will be able to find and exploit. Should be a good game.
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Beaver Dam over Oconomowoc - we'll find out if this playoff talk for BD is for real. A must-win game against a down way a playoff team loses this game.

Hartford over Watertown - won't be pretty.

Wisco over Slinger - have heard from a few people that all the talk around Slinger football and the Slinger youth programs is how they have to get good and beat Wisco. If it's going to happen, it won't be this year.

West Bend West over West Bend East - until this series ends when the two schools combine into the uber-West Bend Spartsuns, I will have no idea about this game. I'll say West just for the heck of it.
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Oconomowoc over BD?

Hartford?@ Watertown?

Slinger @?Wisconsin Lutheran?

West Bend East @?West Bend West?
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Oconomowoc over BD

Hartford?@ Watertown?

Slinger @?Wisconsin Lutheran?

West Bend East @?West Bend West
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