Down to three Marawood teams....all in D-6

Fennimore @ Pittsville: Pittsville is playing their best football of the season and get a SW Activities League team for the second week in a row. Pittsville beat co-champ Southwestern 36-6 last week and get the other co-champ this week. Fennimore won at Southerwestern 21-14 during the regular season and seem to have a pretty good pass game. However, the balanced offense for Pittsville and the home field (Pittsville still unbeaten there) should get the Panthers to the final four. Pittsville by 14.

Shiocton @ Stratford: Shiocton has played great defense for much of the season....avenged only loss to Pacelli last week by jumping to a 18-0 lead and holding on. Do they have enough offense against Stratford? I don't think so. It won't be easy, but Stratford's run game and playing on the home field should help Stratford stay alive. Stratford by 10.

Regis @ Edgar: Regis was sloppy last week but able to win by seven. That could be bad news for Edgar. Which Edgar team shows up? The one that nearly lost to Thorp or the 49-0 winner over Luck? Edgar finds way to score points and will do so again. The way Thorp was able to put up the points is worrisome. Regis had scored at least five TD's every game until the 28 points scored last week. Regis might have just a little too much for Edgar in what should be a great game. Regis by 7.
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Dukes Of OWHS_old
Pittsville- once again Pittsville is closer to O-W so Pittsville it is.

I am picking Stratford to lose this week, their run is over.

Regis-Edgar had a good run but, Regis is just good.

Bus 2/12/07
Ugly 2/13/07
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i heard pittsvilles running back is one of the elite backs in the marawood, a big play maker for the team.
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i think all three marawood conference teams win this week. i cant wait to see edger beat regis.
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**chirp, chirp** **chirp, chirp**
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